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RHONJ Recap: Part One of The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion!

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The moment we have all been waiting for. The Real Housewives of New Jersey finally premiered part one of the season six finale. Andy welcomes all the ladies to the reunion and gets straight to Teresa Giudices’ sentencing. Teresa was sentenced a few days before the reunion taped so it’s all still very fresh. Teresa tells Andy she hasn’t slept much and Dina gets teary eyed talking about Teresa’s sentencing being that she and Teresa have been friends for 25 years. Dina sticks up for Teresa and explains how their are murderers who walk freely and Teresa has to go to prison. Andy asks Teresa if Melissa has reached out to her since she’s been sentenced. Teresa says Melissa has texted her while Melissa explains this is the first time they have seen each other since the sentencing but Melissa has ALSO called her not just texted Teresa like Teresa said.

Andy starts asking Dina about why she decided to return to the Real Housewives. Dina says she wouldn’t do RHONJ with family. It’s clearly understandable as to why Dina wouldn’t. Rewind to season one where Jacqueline, her sister-in-law, is screaming at her and fighting with her for everyone in the world to watch. Dina says she loves Caroline Manzo and her brother Chris Laurita. Dina is obviously not very fond of Jacqueline. As Andy speaks to Dina, Melissa Gorga is making several facial expressions.

Andy talks hitting below the belt. Teresa Giudice says she has never hit below the belt in the six seasons that she has been on the show. Clearly, Teresa has. TerEsa Aprea and Nicole Napolitano call out Teresa and say they didn’t religiously follow RHONJ before being on it but they are sure she hit below the belt. Melissa chimes in and gives her unnecessary facial expressions. Andy asks Teresa and Melissa if they are on good terms. Melissa says they are. Teresa agrees. I don’t care what anyone says. I believe Teresa and Melissa will never genuinely like each other but they will always just deal with one another.

Andy calls out Melissa about why her eight year old daughter Antonia can call a home that’s larger than the average home small and disgusting. Melissa says she had a talk with her daughter for making that comment and explained her daughter feels the large home they rent now is disgusting and small because she grew up in a mansion. Melissa lies and says she actually enjoys a smaller home. Why are they calling the home they are renting small when it’s not small?

Amber gets asked if she uses the cancer card to much on the season and Amber admits that it looks like that on television. The twins attack Amber for calling cancer ‘the cancer.’ Amber says she can call it whatever she wants. I agree with Amber. I don’t quite understand why anyone cares if she refers to her cancer as ‘the cancer.’ Amber refers to Nicole and TerESa as the twins and they attack her for it which I found confusing consider Andy always categorizes them as the twins as well. The twins explain they are their own person then Nicole calls out Amber for supposedly getting a nose job. Melissa tries to shut down the back and fourth between them and Nicole shushes Melissa up reminding her that she is not Andy and it’s not her job. The twins believe Jim is verbally abusive towards Amber. Amber sticks up for her husband as everyone comments on him. I understand why Amber is sticking up for her husband but I do agree with the twins and believe that if Jim acts like a total dick to people he barely knows that he especially does that with his wife.

Kathy Wakile and Rosie join the cast. Great. Teresa Giudice is making it clear she does not care about Kathy Wakile or Rosie and do you blame her? Andy shows a scene of the Wakile’s speaking about Teresa Giudices’ legal issues and Teresa’s aunts making unfavorable comments about the case. Teresa Giudice exits before Andy could ask any questions because she doesn’t want any part of the conversation. Teresa does not appreciate that her aunt could speak out about the legal issues. Dina Manzo thinks family shouldn’t speak about their families legal issues on television. Dina points out how she never once spoke about Teresa’s legal issues on television because Teresa is her friend and she respects her wishes. Kathy Wakile and Rosie spoke out about Teresa’s issues the entire season and Teresa Giudice is obviously not happy about that. Teresa comes back to the set and asks Andy if they have stopped speaking about Teresa’s legal issues. Andy doesn’t know how to drop it and asks Teresa why she left the set. Teresa keeps telling Andy to ask the next question but he won’t stop. Teresa says she doesn’t appreciate that the Wakile’s spoke about her legal issues because she asked them not to while filming. It seems like Kathy enjoys seeing Teresa get so heated up. Kathy continues to act like she did nothing wrong and that Teresa is overreacting.

Andy now brings up Jacqueline Laurita and how Teresa has been on Jacqueline’s mind. Andy asks Teresa whether Teresa misses Jacqueline. Teresa says she does not miss Jacqueline but wishes her well. Classy answer but I’m sure Jacqueline is going to go ape sh*t after watching that scene. It’s understandable why Teresa does not miss Jacqueline being that she is bi-polar and all. Dina reveals that she loves Caroline and Chris and wants a relationship with them. Dina says she hasn’t seen Nicholas but has been praying for him. If Jac invited Dina over to see Nicholas, Dina says she wouldn’t go because there is nothing she can do for him but pray and she sees he is progressing which is great. Dina says what hurts her most is for the kids that understand in the family and see what’s going on regarding the family feud like her daughter Lexi. Dina reveals Caroline and Lauren didn’t invite her daughter to Lauren’s engagement which was heartbreaking for Dina. Kathy and Rosie think when it comes to family, you should let it go and say “i love you” and ignore everything else. As if it is that easy.

Joe Gorga and Joe Giudice join the ladies. Andy asks Teresa why she didn’t want her family at court during the sentencing and she explains that she would break down and get more emotional seeing her family as she gets sentenced. Joe Gorga says the whole sentencing has broke his heart because Teresa is his sister and Joe Giudice is his brother. Joe Gorga starts tearing up speaking about Teresa’s sentencing. I believe that Joe Gorga is truly heartbroken. Can’t say the same for Melissa. The episode ends with Teresa Giudice and Joe Gorga getting emotional but next week gets crazy with Jim Marchese joining the gang. Until then. Thought’s on part one reunion? Let’s Discuss!

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