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RHONJ Recap: Secrets Revealed!

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Bravo decided to delay the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion and instead air a part one and two of RHONJ’s Secret’s Revealed. I think Bravo felt compelled to make a secrets revealed due to the fact that they shortened the season. So what are the secrets that we missed out on?

On part one of ‘Secrets Revealed,’ we watch the ladies head to Atlantic City. Teresa and Melissa are headed to the party bus the twins arranged and Melissa is weirded out that a party bus was ordered. She feels like the party bus gives her the vibe that she is going to suck penis. Oh. Ok. Dina is not looking forward to the Atlantic City trip because she thinks it’s trashy and gross. Dina just offended everyone.

The girls arrive to AC and Nicole has arranged a presidential suite for the ladies. The suite looks great. The girls have dinner and are talking about divorces which is clearly a touchy subject for Dina who is going through one.

Back at the Giudices’, Joe is watching his four girls as Teresa is in Atlantic City which means we get to see MILANIA! Milania is acting her funny usual self while Gia and Gabriella are getting super annoyed and Joe is laughing with Milania. Milania decides to call Teresa on her Atlantic trip and Gabriella tells her not to because she knows her mommy is busy. Teresa notes that Milania called her several times throughout the trip. Milania notes that she is absolutely perfect.

Over at Atlantic City, the ladies are getting ready to gamble. The twins are taking to long per usual and the ladies don’t want to wait so they decide to go and gamble without them. TerEsa realizes the ladies left without them. TerEsa is livid with the fact that everyone left without telling them. TerEsa believes the ladies should have more respect especially since Nicole was the one who got them the presidential suite. Just because Nicole arranged for a presidential suite doesn’t mean everyone has to wait for them and do whatever they say. The twins find the ladies at the blackjack table and make it obvious that they are livid at the girls. The girls are completely taken back. They were all just having fun and the twins ruined their moods.The twins and Amber begin fighting and Amber is irritated with the twins just like everyone else is. Amber feels like she is most attacked from the twins. Melissa tries to shut the argument down while Amber and Dina go over to the slot machines to avoid anymore arguments.

Later that night, the girls have had some drinks in them and they all ask each other what everyone’s first impression of them were. TerEsa calls Dina an ice princess while Dina reveals that the twins can be a bit much. I think everyone can agree with Dina on that. The twins are absolutely obnoxious.

The next day, Amber takes the ladies to the gym which Dina finds boring.I don’t blame Dina. The girls are on vacation. Who wants to have a gym session by Amber?

Remember when Bobby and Jim were friends? Me neither but Bravo reminded us by showing a dinner scene with the Marcheses’ and Bobby and Nicole. While having dinner, Amber could not say more good things about Bobby and Nicole. Nicole even says how she and Amber have a true friendship adding Amber has a great heart. My how things change. Maybe Nicole was just acting like she liked Amber so much to impress Bobby.

Teresa and Dina are having dinner with Kathy. Randomness. Kathy asks Teresa to write a blurb for Kathy’s book. Teresa brings out a dictionary that Kathy gave her and explains to her she is offended that Kathy gave her a dictionary. Teresa says she was uncomfortable when she got it and wants to leave it at that. Kathy says she is not going to leave it at that just because Teresa wants her to. Teresa just wants Kathy to know she was hurt by it. Kathy thinks Teresa gets offended by everything Teresa says. Nothing is going to move forward with these two so I am over it.

I think this episode was pointless but I am looking forward to the reunion. Thoughts on tonight’s episode? Let’s Discuss?

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