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RHONJ Recap: The Season Finale!

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It’s been a short season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey and Sunday aired the finale episode. The episode begins with Melissa Gorga stopping by Teresa Giudices’ home for some bonding time. It really is so nice to see how far these two have come despite all that they’ve went through.

Dina has found a venue for her Lady Bug events which happens to be the twins friend’s home. Abby has an extremely large and gorgeous house that would be perfect for Dina’s event and Dina is thankful to Abby for allowing Dina to use it for the event. Dina stops by the beautiful home with the twins and TerEsa is still pretty bitter with Teresa Giudice. Dina just wants to make sure nothing at all happens during the event especially since she is using a strangers home. TerEsa ask Dina to make sure that TerEsa Giudice doesn’t invite anyone she doesn’t approve of like Victoria Gotti to the event. In TerEsa’s interview she explains her hatred for Teresa saying, “you just sh*t on my family. That’s why yours is getting destroyed now. Clink clink.” I wonder how terrible TerEsa is feeling after saying all these terrible things considering Teresa Giudice never even mentioned this rumor or repeated it except to Dina for reasonable purposes.

Amber is cutting her hair. She has not cut her hair since surviving breast cancer. Amber feels like she grew out her hair enough to be able to donate it to someone who needs it. Amber’s daughter Isabella is freaking out which is absolutely adorable. Isabella does not want Amber to cut her hair and even starts crying. Girlll loves her long hair.

And the event is finally here! Dina Manzo is setting up and being her usual perfectionist self. Teresa Giudice gets ready at Abby’s home as well. Dina reminds Teresa how she doesn’t want any drama with Teresa and the twins. Teresa feels like the twins could have reached out to her if they really wanted to clear the air. Teresa mentions how she hasn’t seen the twins in two weeks and they could have reached out if it was important to them but they choose not to. Teresa says if they do decide to say something it’s probably because they want an audience at the event.

The twins are headed to the event with their mother and father. TerEsa is heated up and still furious with Teresa Giudice. TerEsa thinks prayers should stop for the Giudices’. TerEsa’s parents are being smart and not being negative like their daughter is.

Everyone heads over to the event including Kathy Wakile and Richie. Still don’t know why they are present. Richie is still confused about who Lady bug is. Milania Giudice is worried about eating her candy and walking the runway with her BFF Antonia. Melissa was hesitant on bringing Antonia to the event in case of any drama. Amber decided not to bring her daughter because she doesn’t trust the twins and think the twins may start something. Jim didn’t want to start any problems so he decided to have Amber go alone.

The runway begins and Milania and Antonia are perfection together walking that runway. While TerEsa and Nicole are hosting the runway, Amber knows this is her time to speak to Rino to clear the air. The two talk it out and Amber explains her side of the story. They both hug it out. I bet it would have been a lot different if the twins were in the conversation so it was very smart of Amber to speak to him while they weren’t.

After the runway, TerEsa chooses to clear the air at the event even though Dina asked her not to several times. TerEsa and Nicole approach Teresa Giudice and attack her as soon as they see her. They start bashing Victoria Gotti and questioning Teresa’s intelligence. Teresa Giudice is remaining calmly reminding them she has bigger things going on in her life. The twins don’t care and keep pushing her. TerEsa is not allowing Teresa Giudice to speak and Nicole interrupts TerEsa asking Teresa Giudice whether she is stupid. The way they are handling themselves is disgusting. They don’t even know the story or what Teresa Giudice said/did after hearing the rumor. They are belittling Teresa Giudice and Teresa just explains that she heard the rumor and told Dina in case it ever got back to the twins and got twisted. Teresa Giudice is handling herself wonderfully. She tells the twins that she always liked them and doesn’t want issues. Shockingly, they hug it out. Teresa was a class act. I know I wouldn’t have been able to have reacted the way Teresa did after being attacked. Dina gives a speech thanking everyone for coming to the event and Teresa Giudice seems like she is having anxiety walking upstairs, gathering her stuff. Teresa says she feels sick. Teresa obviously has a lot on her mind.

It’s the sentencing time. Teresa and Joe Giudice are being sentenced and I’m sure it’s so hard for Teresa to have to relive this by watching her sentencing all over again. Everyone of the cast members are at home watching the news and what’s going on at the sentencing as Bravo films their reactions. Teresa Giudice didn’t want any of her family at the court. I think this was a smart idea. I think it would have just made her more upset. Jacqueline Laurita heads over to Kathy’s home to see what the sentencing results will be. It’s funny to see Jac and Kathy gathered around acting like they give a crap when they really just want camera time. Teresa gets sentenced to 15 months of prison while Joe Giudice gets sentenced to 41 months. Jacqueline Laurita is in tears. Chris Laurita wants Jacqueline to text Teresa. Jac thinks she shouldn’t because she’s already reached out but listens to her heart. Jac Laurita says she feels like Teresa doesn’t want Jac to be there which is not surprising considering days after the sentencing, Jacqueline tweeted how she doesn’t care to be friends with a criminal anyways. Teresa and Joe step out of court and paparazzi are all over the two. This season ends differently then most-in a very sad sad way.

Until next week to the shocking reunion where Teresa Giudice admits it will probably be her last. Thoughts on the season finale? Let’s Discuss!

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