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Did Amber Marchese Harass Jim’s Ex-Wife?!


After last week’s episode of RHONJ, I found myself wondering where the mother of Jim Marchese’s two older sons was. When Amber posted a birthday message on Twitter for one of the boys, I pondered again. It seems strange that the kids are always on camera with Amber and Jim and we haven’t learned much about their other parent. So what’s the story with Jim’s ex? Well, according to Star Magazine, she might be staying far away from the couple due to a cyber-bullying incident from 2013! Say WHAT?

Apparently, Jim’s ex-wife, professional bodybuilder Rebecca Grande, contacted police on January 9, 2013 after her business’s Twitter account was flooded with harassing Tweets from an anonymous account named @TruthBeTold66. At the time, she may have been fighting an ongoing custody battle with Jim, who she divorced in 2004. After she blocked the account, she discovered 30 more messages and Tweets of the same nature.

At that time, Rebecca is said to have used a website to discover that the IP address of the account was Amber and Jim’s home! She immediately contacted police, who launched an investigation. While Jim reportedly denied any wrongdoing the first time he was questioned, he later called police and admitted that the account belonged to Amber!

 “Amber hates Jim’s ex-wife and was actually getting pleasure out of attacking and bullying her on Twitter. It’s extremely immature and disgusting,” an insider divulged.

Oddly, when questioned, the New Jersey housewife first claimed that she didn’t know the person she had been harassing was her husband’s ex-wife and then accused Rebecca of harassing her. Huh?!

This whole thing sounds totally crazy! On the one hand, Amber and Jim seem very committed to their family and children. On the other hand, Amber and Jim seem pretty crazy, spiteful, and vengeful, making this story a bit of a toss up. Cyber-bullying is generally reserved for middle schoolers rather than women in their 30s, but, then again, so are “your momma” jokes.

Could you see Amber harassing Jim’s ex?

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