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Here We Go! Vanderpump Rules Season 3 Trailer Officially Released!


Vanderpump Rules Season 3 has a premiere date! The Sur staff will return with a new set of ridiculous problems on November 3rd at 9 p.m. We have the trailer for you here:

So what can we expect this time around?

Scheana gave the scoop in an interview with Yahoo! this week:

“There’s a lot more going on. It’s not just Kristen and Jax, or Jax and Stassi. Everyone has issues this year. We really try to keep Ariana and me at the garden bar, Tom at the main bar, and Kristen at the restaurant, but you always have to cross paths. It makes it really awkward.”

What else is awkward? Well, apparently Stassi didn’t last too long on the East Coast.

“Unfortunately, she is back. I liked it better when she was in New York.”

Yikes! I guess these two will remain frenemies.

We checked Twitter to see what the staff has been up to lately and here’s what we know:

Tom and Ariana are still a couple!


We will get to see Scheana and Mike tie the knot!


… and Jax is still trying to do something with sweaters?


And in case you forgot what happened last season…

We left off with Stassi smacking ex-BFF Kristen across the face after wannabe-sweater-maker Jax admitted to their affair (PS. Kristen wasn’t just Stassi’s friend, she was also his best friend’s girl). Are you keeping up? Basically, everyone sided with Stassi and said “wtf?” to Kristen and Jax. Tom Sandoval decided it was time to trade Kristen for Ariana (who apparently doesn’t mind him being a cheater/never actually breaking up with Kristen for her, etc.) and the two were an item by the time the “reunion” rolled around. Stassi needed a change, so she dyed her hair white and moved to New York. Jax, Tom, Ariana, and Kristen continued to work together at Sur… and Scheana continued shopping for a two-piece wedding ensemble, apparently. We last saw her dancing on a bar singing #goodasgold.

Now that you’re all caught up, are you excited for Season 3?

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