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Was Phaedra Parks Forced To Squeal on Apollo Nida?

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 7.48.27 AMPhaedra Parks has kept silent when it comes to discussing her soon to be ex-husband, Apollo Nida’s, criminal acts and what she knew about them. Phaedra knows that anything she says can and will be used against her not only in a court of law but on reality TV as well.

TMZ is reporting that for Phaedra silence is no longer golden.

Phaedra is fighting multiple battles which include a divorce from Apollo Nida and a defamation case againt Angela Stanton. Phaedra is back in court in a fight to clear her name and reputation against Stanton, an author, who wrote a book which suggested that Phaedra knew about Apollo’s illegal activities.

Now after being deposed once already in her defamation case, Phaedra will be questioned again by Stanton’s attorney.

It looks like Phaedra won’t be able to stay silent any longer since a judge has ordered Phaedra to sit through a 2nd deposition.  Stanton’s attorneys want Phaedra to answer in greater detail everything she knew about Apollo’s illegal activities in order for them to properly defend the defamation case.

I don’t know how much Phaedra really new about Apollo’s activities but it will be interesting to see what new dirt comes from this 2nd deposition. At this point I feel really bad for Phaedra – her children have lost their father for 8 years,  she lost her husband, she’s been embarrassed publicly, and now she has to divulge marital secrets.

What do you think of Phaedra being forced to reveal Apollo’s secrets? Do you think Phaedra knew about Apollo’s crimes while they were happening?
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