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How Has Phaedra Parks Divorce Affected the Real Housewives Divorce Rate?


Phaedra Parks certainly isn’t the first housewife to get a divorce but her recent decision to divorce her husband Apollo Nida is the latest in a string a real housewives divorces. Every single franchise of the Real Housewives has been effected by divorce since their inception.

E! Online reported  in August that the overall percentage of Real Housewives divorces was 33.9. This figure was prior to Phaedra announcing her split from Apollo which now bumps the total percentage of Real Housewives divorces to 37.5.

With so many housewives getting divorces it makes many wonder if fame and notoriety is worth the deterioration of a marriage. We’ve witnessed in great detail several marriages break under the pressure of the Real Housewives bubble, while other marriages failed due to other strains and betrayals.

Many marriages have withstood the reality TV curse while other have crumbled. It’s a wait and see game to find out which marriages survive the Real Housewives and which don’t.

Do you think the Real Housewives franchise caused these divorces? Which housewives couples split are you most surprised about?

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