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Reports Reveal That This Part of “Manzo’d With Children” is Totally Fake!

manzod-with-children2Caroline Manzo’s new reality show, “Manzo’d With Children”, is supposed to give viewers an inside look at her life as her children transition into adulthood. Lauren, who hasn’t left the nest, is engaged to be married, and Albie and Chris have returned from their Hoboken digs… or have they?

Radar Online talked to a resident of their 333 River Street apartment building, who reports that the Manzo boys have not relocated back to Franklin Lakes as they show would have us believe.

“I saw Albie in the lobby last week, and spotted Chris in the elevator recently as well. The boys definitely still live here. The entire premise of their new show is fake!”

Hm… The brothers do own a restaurant located just beneath the building, so it would make sense for them to them to be seen there…

“If they were just in the area for work, why would they be in the apartment elevator or lobby?”

Perhaps the boys moved back out after filming? Nope! Apparently Caroline told the Today Show on October 1st that her children were still living at home with her and Al.

This is strange. The Manzo family doesn’t seem to be short on cash, so why would Albie and Chris give up their beloved apartment? I’m guessing they kept the place and just stayed at home during filming. Would that make the show fake?

What do you think? Are the Manzo boys still living in Hoboken or are they really back at home with mom and dad?

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