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RHONJ Recap: Amber And Jim Marchese Get Kicked Out By Dina Manzo In Florida!

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And so the drama continues from last week’s intense episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. We left off last Sunday’s episode with Jim Marchese going all kinds of crazy at everyone on the Florida trip. This week, the drama gets even crazier with Bobby coming down from hiding upstairs.

Bobby walks downstairs furious with Jim for saying he has another chick on the side. At this point, you can tell Jim is very drunk and all that he keeps telling Bobby to do is a put a ring on Nicole’s finger. Talk about pressure! Amber Marchese is crying as all the drama happens and Melissa tries to be there for her.

Bobby, Dina, and the twins go outside while Amber follows smoking a cigarette from all the stress. Dina tries to make Amber feel because she can’t stop crying. Nicole says she isn’t mad at Amber because she knows it’s Jim’s fault. Amber says she has to stick with her husband despite how crazy his actions are. Nicole understands.

Dina is calling Jim a d*ck. And it’s upsetting Jim. Amber is trying to stop anyone from saying anything because she knows Jim is about to lose it. And that’s exactly what happens next! Jim gets up and does what no man on earth should ever do—-bring up a rumor that involves someones mother! Jim accuses Rino of sleeping with Teresa’s mother and everyone is in shock. Melissa is furious with Jim for bringing up TerEsa and Nicole’s mother into this.

Amber makes Jim go to sleep. She admits he f*cked up. Amber is angry with Jim. Jim says in his interview that TerEsa stopped acting like a lady and the moment someone does that he thinks it’s okay to treat someone badly. Someone really needs to shut this guy up.

As Jim is upstairs, Dina tells TerEsa that what Jim said about her mother sleeping with Rino is the rumor that Amber and Teresa Giudice heard. The twins lash out on Dina and Dina is irritated by this. Amber is in her room clearly drunk trying to make Jim understand she just wants peace with everyone. Jim says he can’t make peace with anyone that tried to hurt Amber. TerEsa is done with everyone after hearing this rumor regarding her mother and husband

Back at the Giudices’ home, everyone is making breakfast and I can’t help but laugh throughout the scene. Audriana tells Milania to shut up and Milania tattles to her mom. Teresa wants them to stop. Joe joins the girls and Teresa says she doesn’t for a second regret not going to Florida. Audriana is being absolutely adorable telling mommy and daddy how she loves them.

It’s the aftermath of the drama that happened in Florida the night before. TerEsa wants to go home. Jim is up early making Amber breakfast like nothing happened. Jim and Amber join Melissa and Joe outside. Joe says if Jim ever brought up his mother he would be in some serious crap. Jim thinks the twins are being dramatic about everything. Dina goes straight to Amber and Jim because she’s upset about how lightly they are taking everything. Dina then kindly asks Jim and Amber to leave. Amber is shocked that Dina is asking her to leave. Melissa feels bad for Amber because she doesn’t think Amber wanted any of this drama. Amber thinks Dina is being a follower and taking the twins side and starts crying because she is getting kicked out of the Florida home.

Kathy visits her new BFF Jacqueline at her house. Jacqueline explains that Kathy is a true friend who is so “real.” These two are starting to hang out a lot together (to obviously get some air time.) Kathy thinks the reason Jac and she are so close because both of them had children with medical issues.

In Florida, everyone is having so much fun now that Amber and Jim are no longer present.

Chris and Jacqueline are having a cute date night. I can’t help but just love Chris Laurita. I still don’t understand how he deals with Jacqueline. Jac brings up how Kathy told her she should just stop trying to reach out to Teresa Giudice. Chris points out how the two have both reached out and there’s nothing else they could do. Chris wants Teresa and Jac to be friends but he believes Teresa isn’t capable of forgiving and Teresa will never forgive Jacqueline meaning the two will never be able to move forward. Jac says she misses being there her. Jacqueline really wants to be there for Teresa but just doesn’t know what happen..should we hit rewind to make Jacqueline remember? Jac just wishes things were different. While Jac and Chris have dinner, Chris admits the past two-three years have been very different. He realizes he needs to focus on less-materialistic things but it is going to be sad to let go of there home.

Teresa and Joe have a date night in the city to get away. Teresa expresses that Joe makes her feel safe and loved. It’s nice to see them happy just by being with each other.

In Florida, a chef is cooking for everyone except Bobby passes out because he got so wasted earlier in the day. Rino and TerEsa surprise Melissa, Joe, Dina, and Nicole to join dinner. Everyone is happy to see them. Rino says TerEsa was so upset by everyone speaking so badly and if he was there he would laugh at the rumor that was mentioned. TerEsa says as ridiculous as the rumor is she was mad because her mother was involved. Nicole says she is pissed at Teresa Giudice and Amber for basically allowing Victoria Gotti to say the rumor. Bobby finally joins the gang after getting more rest. Joe Gorga makes a toast to friends and happiness ending the night on a good note. Until next week…..

Thought’s on tonight’s episode? Let’s Discuss?

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