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UPDATED: Joe Giudice Sentenced To 41 Months of Prison Time While Teresa Giudice Gets 15 Months In Federal Fraud Case!


Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa and Joe Giudice have entered court! Teresa and Joe will be sentenced this morning and according to TMZ, Teresa has filed legal documents in which she argues for no jail time. Teresa is worried the judge will be influenced by her role in Real Housewives because, “The image is little more than a carefully crafted fiction, engineered by Bravo TV through scripted lines and clever editing.”

Teresa adds that she and Joe have 4 young daughters and if she goes to prison, the girls will have to split up because no relative will be able to take all 4. Teresa says she is more than happy to forfeit any ill-gotten money from the wire fraud if she doesn’t get prison time. She says she will do community service and accept home detention. Teresa adds she does charity work with sick kids and others and wants to continue to do that.

Teresa walked into court in black pants suit, with hair down. While Teresa and Joe are currently in court, Gia Giudice has spoken out via twitter simply tweeting, “family forever.”

gia giudice


We will be keeping you updated throughout the process. Thoughts on what is going to happen?



11:00pm Vicki from The New Jersey Star Ledger is currently at court and keeping viewers updated throughout the process. Vicki writes, “Still no sentence but judge is admonishing the Giudices’ for seeming to hide assets in their financial disclosure reports. Joe’s lawyer in part blames death of Joe’s father, ‘hasn’t been the same since.’ Going back in to courtroom where no devices are allowed.”

11:21am: “Break in hearing. Conflicting reports from lawyers as to whether Joe filed his tax returns since 2009″

11:29am: “Judge says the pattern of omissions & inconsistencies does not make the couple seem worthy of leniency”

 12:04pm: “Joe’s lawyer pleading case pre-sentence, calls him devoted, generous self-made man who is ‘not the Housewives Joe.’

12:05pm: “Lawyers say poss. deportations means ‘utter destruction’ of his family”

According to NJ.com, Judge Esther Sales expressed her frustration with the couple because of the fact that she said they have assets that weren’t declared in their financial disclosure forms and questioned why they only declared $25,000 worth of items in their home, even though their insurance policy is worth $1 million.

The Judge says, “They had an obligation to be transparent and candid and open with the court and I don’t think I got that. I want to understand the disconnect.”

The prosecutor added, “It’s the same pattern of obstruction and dishonesty and manipulation that they showed in the bankruptcy case”

1:30pm: Before getting sentenced, Joe Giudice stood up at court and read a letter saying, “I stand here humiliated before the court and my family and society. I disgraced many people, including my wife and four daughters. I take full responsibility for my actions. I promise to be a better person.” 

After Joe Giudice read his letter out loud the judge responded saying, “What you did in this case doesn’t define you as a man. You have a lot to live for.

Judge explained that if she sentences Teresa to prison, she will stagger the sentence so at least one parent will be free to care for their four daughters. Teresa Giudice is awaiting her sentence

Joe was then sentenced to 41 months in federal prison by U.S. District Court Judge Esther Sales as well as two years or probation. Joe must also pay $414,588.90 in restitution and enter an alcohol treatment program in prison. Both Joe and Teresa were in tears.




As for Joe being deported. Reports are saying Joe would not face immigration proceedings until after he serves 41 month sentence & completes 2 years supervised release

2pm: Teresa Giudice has been waiting for her sentence. Senior reporter Jennifer Peros says, “Teresa and Joe now waiting for judge to read her sentence. Joe is visibly upset with his head in his hands as Teresa stands nervously.”

3pm: Joe’s lawyer on attempts to free Teresa: ‘that is the mark of a real man’

 3pm:  Before sentencing Teresa Giudice, the judge questioned why Teresa Giudice has no jewelry on her forms, her attorney defended the statement saying her jewelry is costume jewelry meaning it’s worth very little. Joe and Teresa listed $25,000 in furnishings for their $3 million Montville home. Teresa’s attorney explained most of the furnishings seen on TV are brought in by the production company. Judge Salas then went on to list seven other items not listed on any court documents that were discovered by government investigators. Judge then asked the Giudices’, “How is it that at this point the court is having to go over this?”

The Giudices’ told the Judge that they hired an accountant and provided that person with all their financial information.

3:30pm:Judge denied request to downgrade recommended sentence per fed. Guidelines for Teresa Giudice. Still waiting on sentence.”

According to North Jersey, Judge  Salas has turned down a request for “downward departure” which means that it would lower Teresa’s possible sentencing range to just allow probation and possibly home confinement. However the Judge is considering other proposals.

 3:45pm: Senior Reporter, Jennifer Peros says, “Teresa lawyer still arguing with NJ judge on her sentence terms. Still waiting on her sentence.”

3:50pm: Vicki has now reported that “Prosecutors wants judge to reject home confinement for Teresa Giudice ‘in the very house she built on fraudulent loans.'”

4:10pm Teresa Giudice broke down in tears reading a brief letter telling the judge,  

“Thank you your honor for giving me the opportunity to speak to you. I wrote this last night. I get nervous when i speak so i’m going to add things to this. Today you will hear from the wife and mother that I am and the daughter that I am. I’m not going to deny that I’m really scared. I’m blessed but today I’m humbled. I fully take responsibility for my actions. I need to learn to do things for myself. It’s time for me to wake up-my daughters are my life that’s what keeps me going. I’ve done so much crying my daughters are my life. I don’t care about the TV how or materialistic things. We lost my father-in-law and that was the first grandparent we lost. I feel bad my 13-year-old knows anything.”

Teresa then broke down crying adding,

“I’m more sorry than anyone will ever know. i will make this right no matter what it takes. Now I have even more to give. I will take this experience and continue to do the right thing. I know in my heart everything happens for a reason and I’ve found my reason.”

Giudices’ have taken a 5 minute recess, coming back to officially sentence Teresa afterwards.

4:40pm: According to reporter Jennifer Peros, prosecutors are arguing to judge if Teresa walks, it proves that if you’re famous, you can lie to the court and commit bank fraud.

 4:45pm: Teresa Giudice has officially been sentenced to prison for 15 months and according to many reporters present, she was absolutely hysterical.

Teresa will begin serving the sentence January 5th, giving her time to spend the holidays with her four daughters.

The sentences will be staggered so Joe Giudice won’t actually serve his until Teresa’s is over so that he can stay with the children. Before sentencing, TMZ reports that Teresa begged the judged the leniency, saying she is in a deep depression and her life is now ruined.

Judge explained she needed to give Teresa some sort of consequence saying, “I need to send a message. In the eyes of the law it doesn’t matter who you are. There are consequences to pay.”



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