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RHONJ Recap: Teresa and Joe Giudice Plead Guilty!


This episode starts off 4 days before Teresa and Joe’s plea deal.  News hot the media that Teresa and Joe had already accepted a deal which would put Teresa on probation and Joe in jail for 5 years.  Teresa is in the kitchen cooking with the girls which is always a laugh.  Audriana is adorable is gets teary eyed chopping up onions, and Miliana pops a piece of onion into her mouth and quickly regrets it.

Over at the Gorga household, Melissa and Joe are getting dressed and Joe turns on the TV.  The news is on which is featuring the rumored plea deal, and it upsets Melissa who turns off the TV.  Melissa tells Joe that any petty drama between the families is in the past and they need to let Teresa know they are there for her and the kids.

Amber comes across the news while scrolling through her phone. Upon seeing the news she calls Teresa and breaks down crying.  Teresa seems confused by Amber’s tears and a little annoyed that Amber is prying so much.  Being Gia is in the room (laughing at Amber’s dramatic response to the news) Teresa tells her she cannot talk about it too much but no it is not true.  Amber hangs up the phone upset when Jim walks in.  She explains to him about what she read and how much hurt she feels for Teresa and her family.  Jim consoles her and then dives into the logistics of a plea deal (you know…because he’s an attorney).  I feel like Amber has a big heart and had the best intentions when she called Teresa even if it came off as a bit over the top.

Still cooking dinner, Teresa receives another call this time from Melissa.  Melissa wanted to know if the rumor was true, which Teresa told her it wasn’t, and quickly got off the phone.  Gia uses this moment to ask her mom what is happening because she is old enough to understand what is going on.  Teresa tells her not to worry she doesn’t want this to affect her or her sisters.  Gia and Teresa both start to cry.  This scene was really sad because you can really see that Gia does know what is going on and probably sees the articles herself or hears about it at school.  It’s so sad to see that she is carrying so much worry and fear for her parent’s situation.

Dina and Melissa meet up at Melissa’s personal trainer for an intense workout.  Melissa asks Dina is she has spoken to Teresa.  Dina says she has to see if the rumors are true and how she was, but she wishes everyone would just leave her alone.  Melissa agrees and suggests a trip away from the cold and stress.  Dina thinks it is a great idea and suggests inviting all of the girls since her big Project Ladybug event is coming up and she wants any drama aired out before the event.

At Marchese house, Jim and Amber are in the kitchen cooking dinner chatting.  Amber tells Jim about Dina’s event and the two think it is a great charity and are happy to attend.  Jim asks Amber how he will feel about seeing Nicole there, she said she is fine with seeing Nicole but it’s Bobby she has an issue with.  Jim agrees and says it isn’t fair that Bobby put him in an awkward situation.  Jim goes on to say that he knows a lot of Bobby’s secrets, including all about the numerous women who are “waiting for him”.  Jim tells Amber that he finds the whole situation to be very high school.

Dina asks Melissa and Teresa to come over and help her shovel her house out of the snow.  The whole scene is pretty funny the three of them seem to have a good time and laugh a lot.  Melissa and Dina tell Teresa their idea to get her away to someplace warm.  Teresa seems so appreciative.  She says that she feels like she hasn’t been smiling a lot lately and loves that they are thinking about her like that.  It was really sweet.

TerESSa heads over to see her sister and bring her an iced coffee.  She finds Nicole trying to salt and shovel  the walkway since their mother fell the day before.  While they are working on the walkway Bobby pulls up.  He tells them that Amber called him 3 times and then started texting him that ignoring her was something chicks do.  They exchanged words, resolving nothing.  TerESSa reads the conversation aloud.  The entire situation annoys Nicole, she thinks Amber should let Jim deal with Bobby.

Dina invites all of the ladies over to discuss the upcoming Project Ladybug event.  She has the idea of a children’s fashion show which gets all of the ladies bouncing ideas off of each other.  Dina can’t get a word in edgewise but doesn’t mind because there is a lot of positive energy and no one is arguing.  Dina interrupts everyone to bring up the Florida trip, all three of the ladies are in!  They decide to head down and have the men meet them there a day or two later.  Amber pulls Teresa aside into the kitchen to discuss the rumo Victoria Gotti told them.  Amber feels like the rumor is completely damaging to TerESSa’s family and doesn’t want the ugly rumor to go further than her and Teresa.  Teresa agrees.

Meanwhile in the living room, the other ladies are wondering what Teresa and Amber are discussing which leads into a conversation about the calls and text messages Amber sent to Bobby.  Mid-conversation Amber and Teresa walk in joking that they were talking about Amber.  Nicole says not and asks what they were discussing.  The twins push a little but Amber and Teresa say it was private.

On the day of the plea deal Teresa is seen laying on her bedroom floor praying before going to work.  When they pull up to the courthouse there are a good number of news crews and cameras ready to see what they plea.  The Giudice’s plea guilty which news reports say put both Joe and Teresa at risk of going to jail as well as Joe possibly being deported.  As the news hits the other ladies share their reactions.

In their kitchen TerESSa and Rino are discussing the case and what they were wearing.  Rino tells his wife that all of the other drama between the ladies is small compared to this and she needs to be compassionate towards Teresa and to be there if she needs to vent or talk.  Rino really sounds incredibly reasonable during this scene and supportive.

Joe says he is upset about the situation with his sister, while Kathy and Rosie say they aren’t exactly sure what is happening.  Dina says Teresa is her friend and that is her place.

Teresa’s attorney reads a statement from his client explaining that she is ready to accept any mistakes she made.

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