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Lizzie Rovsek Defends Her Body And Slams Tamra Judge For Talking About Her Breast Implants


During this season of the Real Housewives of Orange County, Tamra Judge and newcomer Lizzie Rovsek got into several heated arguments. In her latest Bravo TV blog, Tamra mentioned that at the reunion Lizzie told Andy that she had gotten breast implants in the past. Tamra has been making fun of Lizzie’s well-endowed chest throughout the season, even giving Lizzie the nickname “Kentucky Fried Titties.”

Lizzie posted a photo on her Facebook with a long explanation of the rumors regarding her curves and breast implants.

Lizzie captioned the photo:

I have been very open about my body. I have absolutely nothing to hide. The picture on the left is me at 23 and the picture on the right is me at 29 on my honeymoon (the month I got pregnant-after my 2nd breast reduction). On my 2nd breast reduction my doctor removed around 400cc of my natural breast tissue and added a small implant 250cc (which translates to a B cup) under my breast muscle to save my breasts when I have children. My doctor knew I wanted several kids and because I had so much breast tissue, having kids could potentially destroy my breasts. If anyone can tell, my boobs are DD if not bigger now, after kids. After the surgery my breasts were 50% natural breast tissue with a small implant. If you see on the right they were just the right size and I was so happy. After having kids my boobs are back in full swing over 75% is ALL me. There is a small implant under the muscle that has in fact saved my boobs and I thank my doctor. I can’t imagine what I would be dealing with if I didn’t have the second surgery and I want more kids. I did explain this in detail at reunion and how sad Tamra, adding insult to injury, would create a ridiculous story out of it. She obviously lacks the compassion or hearing skills to understand the procedure. Yes, Tamra, you are a bully. I will say it all day long. It doesn’t matter if a woman has big boobs, small boobs, big butt, super skinny, over weight, short, tall, long legs, or stumpy legs a woman’s body is her body and another woman should not be making fun of it or tearing them a part regardless of any way you look. I am 34 now and after having 2 kids I love my body. My husband loves my body and I can wear a sexy dress if I want too. I have struggled with my boobs my whole life. I’m not mentally “deranged” (as you put it) it was a life obstacle that I shared with the world because women should not tear other women down regarding our bodies no matter what shape or size we are. Does it make it ok that you made fun of Alexis and called her Jesus Jugs because she had implants? Heck no, makes you look jealous and mean.
I know many of you don’t think I need to explain myself at all, but a LIAR, I am not. I have no receive to deceive and of you.

I feel like Tamra and Lizzie both need to give it a rest at this point. The entire season has been he-said, she-said and it’s clear they’re not going to resolve things any time soon.

Thoughts on Lizzie’s Facebook post? Do you think Tamra is a bully for things she has said about Lizzie’s body?

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