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Jim Marchese Claims Bobby Ciasulli Only Started Dating Nicole Napolitano So He Could Appear On RHONJ!

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Amber Marchese’s husband Jim is no stranger to controversy. On any given day Jim can be found spewing off rumors on his Twitter account. It’s no surprise that Jim is continuing to stir the pot, this time claiming that Bobby Ciasulli only started dating RHONJ housewife Nicole Napolitano so he could appear on the show.

Jim tells All About The Tea that Bobby started dating Nicole because of the show and tried to sleep with all the other women who had been interviewed as potential housewives on RHONJ!

“Amber and I got contacted by a casting company, she [Amber] gets offered the job first, then they asked her to bring in 3 to 4 other women. We interviewed 8 women. They end up picking the twins. Bobby tried to sleep with every single one of the women that was interviewed to be on the show. He [Bobby] found the twins at Dunkin Donuts and thought they would be perfect. Bobby started dating her [Nicole] because of the show. Not for any other reason. He didn’t like her or wasn’t attracted to her but he wanted to be on the show and that’s where the relationship started. And I did know the real girl he was dating. He and I have been friends for a lot of years and I’ve heard how he spoke about her [Nicole] versus other girls he dated and I don’t know if it’s genuine.”

Jim adds that he feels betrayed by Bobby and that Bobby tried to “jeopardize his livelihood” for a storyline.

“Do you know about the recent Bank of America settlement? The $17 billion settlement…”Mortgage Now,” which is my company, we were brought in as experts on this and listed as one of the people that assisted the government and it’s actually in the settlement. Bobby knew I was working on that case for 4 1/2 years and he knew I had to keep a distance from certain situations because of this. He knew I wasn’t suppose to film with certain people. And it was nothing personal…I was working on bank fraud. That’s what really rubbed me when he put me in that situation when I got him the job and I got his girlfriend the job and Rino’s wife the job. He knew this was the biggest case of my life…a landmark case and for him to jeopardize my livelihood because he wants a storyline. I don’t know how you reconcile it but what you can get a feel for is, the level of betrayal. It’s not like he needs the money, he’s Bobby Ciasulli. The Ciasulli Auto Mall makes $500 million a year…that’s his daddy’s company, so it’s not like he needs the money. He just likes the fame.”

I have a hard time believing anything that comes out of Jim’s mouth. What do you think of his accusations that Bobby is only dating Nicole to be on the show?

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