RHOC Reunion Recap: Heather Dubrow And Shannon Beador Rehash All Their Issues; Tamra Judge And Vicki Gunvalson Fight It Out Over Brooks



Let the reunion drama begin!

Andy starts the night out on a lighthearted note, asking Lizzie if it’s true that she used to date Nick Lachey. Lizzie reveals that she did date Nick before and after he was married to Jessica Simpson. Andy asks Shannon about her holistic medicine and if she really believes she saved a nation in a past life, and she says yes because her holistic dentist and a group of psychics told her so.

Andy plays a montage of Tamra and Vicki saying goodbye to their children before they move away. Tamra reveals that her son’s wedding has been pushed back now that his fiance is pregnant and she hasn’t been told what the new wedding date is. Vicki says she’s been to Oklahoma seven times already to visit Briana (she also shares her thoughts on Oklahoma: flat, boring, humid and bad food). Briana makes a guest appearance via Skype and shows off her adorable new son!

We finally dive into the Heather and Shannon drama. Heather says she felt like she was being picked on by Vicki and Tamra and thought she was going to be friends with Shannon when they first met. But after introducing Shannon to Tamra and Vicki, Heather says she felt isolated and that Shannon was more interested in being friends with the other girls. Heather apologizes for overreacting to the whole chair situation at dinner at the beginning of the season, yet follows it up with a snarky comment saying Shannon had one of her “Shannon moments” at the restaurant.

The Christmas party fight gets brought up next. Shannon says she felt like Heather was lecturing Tamra at the party and just five minutes before the fight Tamra told Shannon that Heather said Tamra had to pick a side. Shannon says she regrets defending Tamra now after everything that’s gone down.

On the subject of Brooks, Vicki says Briana knows that Brooks is in her life but still doesn’t want to meet him or hang out with the two of them. Andy brings up last year’s super dramatic moment between Briana and Brooks. Vicki said she didn’t forgive Brooks right away and it was wrong what he did, but he’s apologized and she’s forgiven him. Tamra said she heard the recording and that it was disgusting and unacceptable. Tamra also blames Lizzie for starting the fight between her and Vicki while in Bali. Tamra says it’s no secret that she doesn’t like Brooks and that he isn’t good for Vicki and Tamra starts screeching at Vicki saying it’s her opinion to not like Brooks. Vicki says the issue shouldn’t be discussed anymore.

Shannon said the first time she met Brooks she saw Vicki’s eyes light up and after spending time with him on vacation she got to connect with Brooks and saw how happy he made Vicki. Vicki says what Brooks did to Briana was almost unforgivable but doesn’t want her family to be divided.

Heather’s husband Terry and Shannon’s husband David join the ladies on the couch. David says he sent the infamous email to Shannon because sometimes it’s easier to write your thoughts down rather than saying it in person. David says he apologized to Shannon 24 hours later about the email. Shannon says that Tamra betrayed her trust by telling Heather about the email, but Heather defends Tamra and says Tamra didn’t tell her about the email in a gossiping, mean way. Shannon says she absolutely blames Tamra for stirring the pot by telling Heather about the email and the “take the Beadors down” comment. Shannon also brings up the fact that Tamra says she has a drinking problem yet Tamra couldn’t remember the second half of Lizzie’s party because she drank too much.

Heather finally apologizes to Shannon for asking her to leave her house and that she should’ve been softer in her delivery. Shannon says that was one of the hardest nights of her life. Heather then makes a distinction and says she didn’t kick Shannon out of her house, she “asked her to leave” her house. Shannon says they’re one in the same. Shannon adds that she accepts her apology but it drives her crazy that Heather wouldn’t accept Shannon’s five apologies about her yelling at Heather at the Christmas party.

Tamra says she thinks Shannon had an agenda with the “take the Beadors down” comment and for asking Tamra about it at Lizzie’s party. Shannon tells Tamra that she has stirred the pot this entire season while Tamra swears to God and on her children that she never said the Dubrows wanted to “take the Beadors down.” Vicki says she doesn’t know if Terry ever said that, but Tamra did in fact tell Vicki that he said it. Tamra says Shannon drinks and makes stuff up. Lizzie finally throws her two cents in and says that Tamra was calculated in bringing up the “take the Beadors down” comment at the dinner table.

Terry says he was upset at Vicki’s party because people had told him that David made sexually inappropriate comments to Heather during the hoedown. Eddie also made comments, but Terry said it’s different because he and Eddie have been friends for a long time and he didn’t know at the time that Eddie had said that. Terry then dramatically says that he lost two months’ worth of sleep over David’s comments. Shannon defends her husband and says it was an inappropriate comment, but David had been drinking tequila all day and he thought the comment was funny. David says that his apology to Terry was sincere.

Terry says he was raised by a construction plumber and the he has a great amount of respect for people who work with their hands. Terry explains he meant his comment in the context of construction workers hollering at girls when they walk by, but Vicki says it came off like Terry meant that construction people are below other people.

Terry then brings up the fact that Vicki told him that David always flirts with her and was flirting with her at the hoedown. All the girls say that David is hot and he apologizes for being flirty with Vicki. Tamra chimes in and says she thinks David is a flirt also. Shannon says it bothers her because it’s not respectful to her when David flirts with the other women. Terry apologizes for the severity of his anger at Vicki’s party, but doesn’t apologize for being mad because of the inappropriate comments David had made.

Gotta say I was expecting a bit more drama during this episode. Seems like most of the controversy centered on the husbands instead.

Thoughts on part one of the reunion? Will you be tuning in to part two?

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