RHONJ Recap: Shocking Cheating Rumors Rock New Jersey!


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Another Sunday, another new episodes of the Real Housewives of New Jersey! The episode begins with Amber Marchese randomly coming over to Melissa’s. We find out it’s because Melissa’s aunt just unfortunately passed away. It’s nice to see Amber be there for Melissa despite Amber feeling Melissa betrayed her. Melissa appreciates the fact that Amber has put everything aside and wants to move forward. I think that was real mature of Amber and shows her character.

Over at Nicole’s home, Nicole is speaking to her mother and her mother says she doesn’t know how she feels about Nicole’s boyfriend Bobby taking things so slow. And I think Nicole’s mom has a point. Nicole and Bobby aren’t very young and Italians are all about getting married so I don’t really understand why Bobby hasn’t taken it to the next step.

Melissa goes over to Teresa Giudice’s home just to spend time with each other and it’s an adorable scene. I don’t know that it’s fully genuine but it looks like the two are at a good spot with each other. Never thought I would see the day where Melissa and Teresa cuddled with each other and watched Godfather on Netflix, alone but it’s hilarious!

Dina stops by her attorney’s office to talk about moving to the next step in her with Tommy Manzo. Dina’s having anxiety. All of her money has been spent on shoes, vacations and now she’s worried because it’s going to be spent on mortgages. Dina also fears finding real love. Dina seems so comfortable with Tommy and I feel like she is struggling to let go because she is so concerned about what she thought it was going to be and what it is now. That could be a tough situation.

Over at Teresa’s home, Teresa opens up about the legal trouble she and Joe Giudice are having which is quite different since Teresa is normally a private person. Teresa advises Joe to keep an eye on everything that he is doing and make sure that he gets everything on papers. That’s when Milania interrupts the conversation and makes an end to the meeting which is hilarious LOL.

It’s Valentines Day and Dina Manzo is down on herself. She was proposed by Tommy on Valentines Day so you can imagine how tough it is for her. Dina is speaking to Luke her assistant and is opening up to him about how emotional she’s been. While Dina seems miserable, Melissa is happy spending Valentines Day with her hubby! The two were having a nice dinner when Joe gets a surprise book from the waiter of a sexy photoshoot as a gift from Melissa! Joe is pleased to say the least. Nicole and Teresa have a Valentines dinner with her whole family and they keep bringing up Bobby and Nicole getting married which can be a little bit awkward and I’m sure Bobby feels a lot of pressure.

The Gorga’s follow in the Giudice’s footsteps by getting their children an adorable puppy and Antonia is overjoyed with happiness!

Teresa is having a signing for her Fabellini Wine and Amber Marchese shows up to support her as well as Teresa’s friend from Celebrity Apprentice, Victoria Gotti! Victoria invites Amber and Teresa over to have a talk with them. Victoria reveals that she has known the Napoltiano’s sisters for a long time. Victoria tells a story that she had gone to Rino’s restaurant and he really tried to impress her. A few weeks later, Victoria was in the hospital and when she woke up Rino was there with presents AKA a rolex. Victoria refused to accept it. Still the two remained friends and Victoria reveals that Rino told Victoria that he and Teresa broke up because he cheated on Teresa with her mother. Victoria said this was said in front of several people at a table and Rino said he was not joking. I think it’s odd that Victoria even felt the need to spread what was said to her on television where millions of people tune in to watch.

Thought’s on tonight’s episode? Let’s Discuss!

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