RHOC Recap: The Ladies (And Their Husbands) Fight It Out Over Dinner At Vicki Gunvalson’s House



Can’t believe it’s already the season finale of RHOC. Let’s get things rolling!

The episode begins with Tamra making dinner for Eddie. She tells him that she’s still upset about what went down in Bali. She contemplates not going to Vicki’s party but says she’s going because she has something to prove. Heather calls Tamra and says she was hurt by what the other girls told her in Bali but is going to believe Tamra because they’re friends. She also tells Tamra that Shannon was bad mouthing her to Vicki on the plane ride home from Bali.

Shannon is talking to her husband David about the Bali trip and Vicki’s party, and warns him that Heather and her husband Terry are upset about David’s “spread your legs” comment he made to Heather a few months ago.

Meanwhile Vicki is busy planning her party, covering her house in flowers and statues of elephants to pretend they’re still in Bali (because they all had so much fun there, right?) Brooks is the first guest to arrive and Vicki tells him that she talked things out with Tamra. Vicki says she doesn’t need one of her friends causing trouble, but she’s a forgiving person and has a bond with Tamra since they’ve been friends for 8 years.

As the housewives arrive, David approaches Terry and apologizes/tries to justify his “spread your legs” comment, but Heather and Terry aren’t buying it. Tamra and Eddie are the last to arrive. Tamra pulls Brooks aside and tells him why Vicki was upset with her. They actually end on a semi-good note and Tamra says she just wants Vicki to be happy.

At dinner Vicki asks if anyone wants to play games and Tamra of course brings up the “marry, shag, kill” game they played on Valentine’s Day. Tamra calls out Lizzie at the table for allegedly saying Eddie wanted to f*ck her. Lizzie apologizes but stands by her word that she said “marry” instead. Terry backs up Tamra and says that Lizzie did say “f*ck.” Tamra also calls out Lizzie for saying she wanted to have Italian-Mexican babies with Eddie, which Tamra thinks is insensitive since Tamra has struggled with the fact that Eddie doesn’t want to have any children.

Heather then jumps in and calls out Shannon for talking badly about Tamra on the plane ride home from Bali. Shannon and Heather start to argue about the same things they’ve argued about all season long. Shannon says she’s apologized numerous times and asks Heather why she can’t forgive her.

Since the ladies are having all the fun, it’s time for the guys to get in on the drama! Terry totally calls out David in front of everyone, saying he was offended by David’s “spread your legs” comment and that David must’ve been “drunk, stupid or both” to say something like that in front of their children. After Terry continues to attack David and his construction business (he even calls him a penis at one point lol) David explains that he already apologized to Terry but Terry says it wasn’t a real apology since it was almost three months after the fact.

Vicki tries to break the tension by playing a slideshow from their trip to Bali. We learn that Shannon and David are selling their house, Lizzie wants to have another baby next year and Heather and Terry’s house should be done next year.

Later, Tamra’s son Ryan and his fiance Sarah visit Tamra to say goodbye before they move. Tamra says she’s having really bad problems with Simon and they’re in a custody battle, which makes Ryan moving away even more difficult. Tamra does have some good news to look forward to though — she’s going to be a grandma!

Vicki is also dealing with having to say goodbye to her family. She spends her last day with Brianna before she moves to Oklahoma with her family. She tearfully watches them drive away, but we learn she’s already been to Oklahoma seven times since they’ve moved.

This season has been filled with a load of arguments and a ton of he said, she said rumors. It’ll be interesting to see what goes down at the reunion!

What did you think of this season? Do you think there will be any big blowouts at the reunion?

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