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RHONJ Recap: Amber Marchese And Nicole Napolitano Sit Down To Discuss The Rumors About Nicole’s Affair!


And we’re back!! This week starts off with Melissa and Joe back at the car dealership – but this time Melissa didn’t hit anything!  Melissa has big plans for their new high tech garbage truck including wings, along with the slogan “Going green gives you wings”, reminds me a little too much of Red Bull but hey it isn’t my call.  As Melissa goes on about adding wings to a large truck, Joe sits back amused while the head of the dealership shoots down her ideas.  Melissa reveals that this is half her business, as is the case with all of their businesses.  She says they make a good team.  I don’t doubt that – but I would think that if they were working as a team she should have known how much of “their” money he invested in this new venture before doing it.

Over at Amber’s house, she is focusing more on family and is baking cookies with her kids while they get ready to have some friends over to view their new commercial for Jim’s mortgage company.  The commercial is a little cheesy but the kids are cute and seemed to have a good time which is what matters.

Rino shows off his second restaurant in Brooklyn where we see him talking to his customers while Bobby, Teresa A., and Nicole are heading over to eat.  They are meeting up with Kathy, Rosie, Melissa, Joe, Dina, Teresa, and Joe.  Basically everyone except Amber and Jim. After Melissa arrives she fills the twins in on her lunch with Amber and how she seemed frustrated that Melissa shared the gossip to the twins.  Melissa tells them she doesn’t want to be in the middle and Nicole should talk to Amber.  Nicole points out Melissa IS in the middle because she told her what Amber said, but did agree talking to Amber would be best.  Nicole also says she wishes Amber just apologized for saying anything at all at the First Responders Party.  I agree that Amber should apologize, whether it is true or not she probably shouldn’t have said it, but if an apology is what Nicole wanted she had a terrible approach to the conversation at the party and didn’t really give Amber much of a chance to apologize. Nicole reveals that since Amber made comments about her relationship Bobby has been overly affectionate, she just isn’t sure she is there yet.

Kathy, Richie and Rosie arrive, and Rosie brings a date!  Her name is Ellen and they met at a bar on camera last season.  Everyone comments on how happy Rosie seems, including Joe Giudice who tells Ellen he is glad she makes Rosie so happy.  Rosie stands up and gives a toast to Ellen for being such a great partner and friend which prompts Richie to talk about how Kathy has made him stronger (I wish she made him less annoying……).  Seeing how strong these relationships are make Nicole a little sad because she wants that and isn’t sure that has it.

We now get a look into what Nicole does for a living and where she works.  Nicole is a jet broker and is in charge of making private travel arrangements for high positioned CEOs.  While at work Nicole calls Amber to arrange a lunch.  Amber is apprehensive about meeting Nicole given what happened last time.  Both of the ladies seem hurt and stubborn.  Nicole ends up hanging up on Amber saying she will text her a time and place.

Over at the Giudice household, it is Gia’s 13th birthday!  Miliana is causing the usual havoc by driving her sisters crazy.  Teresa tries to get some information out of Gia to see how her birthday was at school.  She asks Gia if she has kissed a boy and Gia rolls her eyes.  She responds to her mom like a typical sassy teenager.  Teresa starts looking throughout the house for a gift she hid for Gia, she eventually finds it in the refrigerator where Miliana decided to hide it.

Rino, Teresa, and her father visit a construction site for a possible location for a new restaurant.  Rino is starting a new restaurant for Teresa to run and eventually hand over to their son.  They tour the potential location but need to figure out if it would be more cost efficent to find an already standing structure in a good location.

Teresa and Joe give Gia her gift, a huge diamond ring which has been passed down from Teresa’s mother. The ring is huge and gorgeous!  Teresa gives Joe and Gia some space to talk and Joe tells Gia he hopes she always stays on the right track.  He then starts asking her about her friends and boys and Gia reveals she kissed a boy once but won’t say who.  Joe says he will kick his ass.  It’s cute to see them together, but sad too.  With all of the public attention Joe and Teresa’s legal issues get I’m sure it hits Gia the hardest.

Joe takes Melissa to the facility where they will be disposing of the discs from their green energy trash business.  Joe’s goal is to make Melissa the ambassador of the business and be in charge of getting new business for the company.  He feels that with her looks she will sign tons of big deals.  Melissa meets the scientist behind the facility and he goes into detail explaining the process so Melissa can understand it while selling.  Melissa doesn’t exactly seem to be grasping what the scientist is saying.

Teresa goes over to Dina’s house where Dina has arranged them to make vision boards for their futures.  Teresa reveals that she has started looking around her town at houses that are for sale with the possibility of downsizing.  Dina seems happy with Teresa’s decision and thinks its a great start to the vision board.  Teresa fills her board with hopes of health for her family, freedom, happiness and positive energy.

Teresa A. and her son Giovanni are driving into New York to meet Rino for dinner.  Teresa is being a typical mom who is driving with their 18 year old and gets a little nervous with him driving through NYC.  At dinner they talk about Giovanni’s future when Rino gives his son some advice that success makes money and money gets you any girl you want in the world.  They also tell him about the restaurant they want him to run and how he is the future of their businesses.

Amber and Nicole meet at a dessert shop to talk about their issues.  Both of the women seem out of place and awkward when they sit down.  Nicole starts by saying she is no longer angry but is sad about the way things happened Amber agrees and is happy Nicole is ready to talk rather than get angry and fight.  Amber wants to start at the beginning and clarify that she didn’t start this rumor but that many people have told her this before.  Nicole becomes defensive and says that it is a lie as she would never bring her children around a married man.  Amber wants to know how Melissa brought up their conversation and Nicole describes it as casual.  Amber tells Nicole she never meant it as a malicious statement and that Melissa twisted her words around to create drama.  Nicole says it doesn’t matter Amber shouldn’t have said it to begin with.  They each begin to point out the other’s fault in the situation which leads to them each admitting they were wrong.  Nicole apologizes for the way she acted at the party and Amber says she never would have made the comment about Bobby if she wasn’t so angry.  Amber believes Bobby is playing Nicole for a fool and not giving her the true love she wants and deserves.  Amber apologizes to Nicole for everything that happened between them and the two decided to give their friendship a second chance.

Next week seems like a lot of sad news for the housewives!  Joe and Teresa discuss their legal issues,  Melissa talks to Amber about cancer, and Dina has a meeting about her separation.

What are your thoughts about this week’s episode?

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