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Teresa Aprea Thinks Amber Marchese Is A “BIG Habitual Liar” And Pokes Fun Of Her!

Teresa Aprea is NOT Amber Marchese’s biggest fan and she wants her to know that. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star took to her blog to defend her sister Nicole and blast Amber Marchese for being a “big habiutual liar!” See what Teresa had to say about the “Mar-crazies” below!

“Getting into Sunday’s episode, I’ll start off by saying how great it was to see the Giudices having wonderful family time together with their new chickens. Being the family-first person that I am, I absolutely loved seeing Teresa and Joe with their kids. Milania was adorable with the chickens. Can’t wait to get some of those fresh Giudice eggs.

Seeing Dina and Lexi together is always heartwarming. I can relate to the love of a mom and her “one and only.” The connection is immense, and I love the bond the two of them shared getting their heart tattoos together — a permanent symbol of their love shining bright.

As for Melissa giving Nicole a head’s up on the rumor that Amberzilla is spreading… That is not called betrayal, that is called being a girls’ girl and having Nicole’s back. Amber must stop insulting the intelligence of everyone watching, because it is obvious to everyone that she is one BIG habitual liar, and she is constantly back peddling. Also thank you, Melissa, for reiterating what took place that night at the first responders party about how Amber did grab Nicole’s arm first while having dinner with Amber. Amberzilla was the aggressor and Nicole was defending herself — the truth always comes out!

It was great seeing Nicole and Bobby at the gun range — kudos to my sis for getting a bullseye. She’s always able to meet a challenge. Regarding their relationship, I was glad to see Bobby have Nicole’s back. So sad for Bobby after so many years with Jim and Amber that he saw the Mar-crazies true colors. Although, Bobby, I am so glad you did — you saved yourself from a life of lies and misery with this couple.

As for my husband Rino, once again I am so proud of you for being the man you are and standing up for your friends, Joe Guidice and Joe Gorga. You do have a great judge of character.

As for Amber, obviously the minions have taken her mind captive and have gotten under her skin, LOL!

Watching WWHL was the best way to start my week off. David Arquette is my absolute fav! Watching him laugh his ass off regarding the Mar-crazies — evidently not a big fan of them. Also once again, Amberzilla got crushed in the polls on the show.

I want to thank all the greatest fans out there for the love and light you share with me and my family every day. I am blessed and grateful for you all!”

I will admit I felt a little bad for Amber on WWHL because David Arquette was calling out her husband and as stupid as Jim is, it must be tough to always be having to defend your husband. I also respect that Bobby had Nicole’s back when the Marchese’s were speaking negatively about Nicole but I still just don’t know how I feel about the twins. Rino does remind me a lot like Richie Wakile. Richie came in and wanted Chris Laurita and Caroline Manzo’s family to like him and it showed. It seems as if Rina wants the Giudice and Gorga’s acceptance as well. Thoughts on what Teresa had to say?

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