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Teresa Napolitano Blames Amber Marchese For Altercation Against Her Sister; Says She Caused It!


Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Napolitano took to her blog to discuss the altercation that went down on Sunday’s past episode. Teresa did the obvious and stuck by her sister saying that Amber was the one who caused the situation to spiral out of control. Read Teresa’s take of how things went below

“Well here we go…rehashing this past Sunday’s show was not exactly my favorite thing to do today. Since I am a person who likes to focus on the positive — the love in my life and all the blessings — I always look ahead and try not to look back. Anyone who knows me knows I am a no-nonsense kind of girl. I love hard, play hard, and will fight hard for the people I love. It was repulsive hearing Amber just out and out lie to Melissa that day in the car. Amber lied and she knew it. This is my sister’s reputation, and in my family reputation means a lot. Amber knows how sensitive the issue of infidelity is to Nicole and also knows how much Nicole values the sanctity of marriage. She lied so easily that it seems as though she does this a lot.

Getting to Bobby’s “first responders party,” out of respect for Bobby and his home, I was actually quite calm when Amber approached me in full-blown phoniness. I calmly walked over to Nicole so that she and Amber would rectify this matter. All Nicole expected was for Amber to apologize. However, Amber lost control, raised her voice, snapped her fingers, and made demands for us to “get upstairs.” Is she kidding? I will never be spoken to that way, nor will I ever respond to the verbal condescending abuse of a bully. What the responders needed that night was a straightjacket for Amber, LOL! I saw what happened that night between them. Amber grabbed Nicole’s arm. Nicole pushed her hand off and pulled her hair. There was physical contact between them both. I don’t condone raising hands and cat fights, but I was also taught to stand up and protect the people you love.

I thank all of my friends out there for your support and all the love. Also for the WWHL voters on Sunday night for picking Team Twins with a big win of 76% . You all mean more to me than you know.”

Teresa is obviously going to stick by her sister so it’s no surprise reading her take on how things went down. Thoughts on what Teresa had to say?

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