RHONY Recap: Ramona Singer Tries To Shut Andy Cohen Down!


Things got interesting on Tuesday’s Real Housewives of New York reunion! A lot of the focus was on Ramona Singer who had recently went through a public separation with husband Mario Singer after he allegedly cheated on her. On the reunion, Andy Cohen decided to ask Ramona just how Mario was doing meaning he wanted to know what the hell was going on in there relationship. Andy wanted to get answers but Ramona wasn’t giving him any. She refused to speak about her husband who she reconciled with. She claimed that everything was going great with her family and tried her best to change the subject. She even brought the “I have a daughter so I’m not going to go there” card. Which is fine but can you imagine if the tables were turned and the other ladies refused to answer those questions? I can bet Ramona would call them out on that. You decided to come on a reality show and you are okay with everyone discussing what goes on in their life so it shouldn’t be a problem when something goes on in your life! Ramona clearly didn’t want to speak about it but Andy wouldn’t drop it which kind of got annoying. It’s obvious Ramona wasn’t going to say anything so Andy should have just moved on. Ramona kept bringing up the kid card and Andy just wanted Ramona to say something. I get Andy was just trying to do his job but Ramona just wasn’t going to budge and I was tired of hearing her responses.

Speaking of marriages. Kristen opened up about her marital issues with her husband Josh. Although the two had some issues that they aired out on television, Kristin thinks it’s helped their marriage. Kristin explains that her husband Josh didn’t like what he saw about himself and has since been working on changing that.

It looks like no one will ever get over the bookgate drama but that gets brought up and we have to watch as Carole and Aviva argue. Aviva explains that everyone uses a ghostwriter and insults Carole claiming she is not an important writer. The two continue to argue and Aviva refuses to apologize to her.

Heather is still so upset by Ramona’s insulting comments regarding her Berkshires home. Ramona tries to explain that Heather has a beautiful home but she still thinks that people who live in Berkshires can’t afford to live in the Hamptons. Ramona thinks that the only classy places to live in are Palm Beach, Aspen, and the Hamptons. I totally understand why Heather is upset by this comment being that Heather is very successful. If she wanted to live in the Hamptons, she can obviously afford it and Ramona always has to be so negative.

We find out that LuAnn’s relationship with Sonja is over and that she just doesn’t trust her. LuAnn explains that all the ladies were very supportive of her new clothing line and even spread the word about it, tweeting about it, except Sonja. This made LuAnn very upset. Sonja is also furious with LuAnn for leaving Carole’s party with LuAnn despite the fact that everyone left together to go dancing. LuAnn doesn’t understand why Sonja is mad at her and thinks she should be mad at Harry for leaving her at the party! I too think Sonja is directing her anger at the wrong person!

And part two finally ends but we still have one more to go! Thought’s on the part two reunion? Let’s Discuss!

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