RHOC Recap: The Ladies Travel To Bali; Lizzie Rovsek Calls Out Tamra Barney On Her Lies



This week’s episode takes us all to Bali! Heather is hoping Bali will be a peaceful and cleansing opportunity for all the ladies. Shannon agrees that Bali is known as a spiritual destination and is hopeful she will be able to bond with the rest of the housewives.

While Tamra is packing, Heather calls and Tamra brings up how Lizzie called her out for not showing up to her birthday. Tamra calls Lizzie self-absorbed and isn’t sure where their relationship stands. Meanwhile Lizzie talks to her husband about Vicki’s “dumb and dumber” comment and reveals that Tamra was texting Danielle the day after Lizzie’s birthday and was making fun of her dress, which Lizzie is obviously ticked off about.

The ladies arrive at the airport for their 23-hour plane ride and eventually make it to Bali! Tamra is confused why Bali isn’t as tropical as Bora Bora (probably because they’re two different places Tamra) but all the ladies are fine once they arrive at their gorgeous resort.

At night the girls all go out to dinner. Heather gives them all huge Balinese crowns to wear at dinner even though Vicki says she looks like a “dumbass.” The girls are practically falling asleep at the table after their long flight and all go back to their hotel rooms to get some rest.

They all meet at the beach the next morning. Shannon and Vicki attempt to go kayaking while drinking cocktails while Lizzie and Danielle head to the pool. They bring up Vicki’s dumb and dumber comment again and Lizzie said she’s basically used to Vicki’s comments at this point because that’s just her personality. Lizzie says she’s more upset with Tamra for the text messages she sent to Danielle the next day. Vicki shows how clumsy she is yet again by tipping over the kayak, sending her, Shannon and their drinks into the ocean.

The girls start driving to go on an elephant ride and Vicki gets carsick all over the back seat. For some reason Shannon doesn’t have any holistic medicine with her, which figures because this is the one time it could actually come in handy! They finally arrive at the elephant ride and Lizzie starts to tell Shannon about her birthday drama with Vicki and Tamra. Lizzie says she realizes now why Vicki warned her to be careful with Tamra. Lizzie is also pissed that Tamra texted Danielle the day after to bash Lizzie but didn’t text her to ask how her birthday was. Shannon is surprised that Tamra didn’t tell Lizzie she was sorry for missing her birthday.

That night all the girls go out to dinner and Danielle calls out Vicki for calling her and Lizzie dumb. Vicki tries to defend herself by saying she didn’t say it to their faces, which doesn’t really make it any better. Lizzie also calls Tamra out for not calling her and saying she couldn’t make it earlier in the day and for not calling her the next day. Tamra acts like she has no idea what Lizzie is talking about and calls Lizzie a liar. Tamra claims she did text Lizzie that night and that Lizzie wrote back to her and they were fine. Lizzie gets caught when Vicki looks at Tamra’s phone, but Lizzie said she’s still upset with Tamra.

Tamra, Vicki and Heather head upstairs to go to bed, leaving Lizzie to bash Tamra with Danielle and Shannon. Lizzie says she was in tears by the end of her birthday night and took it out on her husband. Shannon sympathizes with Lizzie and says that Tamra handled the situation the wrong way. Lizzie tells Shannon to be careful with Tamra and says that Tamra told all the women about the email that David sent to Shannon weeks ago. Shannon is understandably hurt and shocked once she finds out.

Inside the hotel, Heather calls out Tamra and says that she did make fun of Lizzie’s dress and Tamra is upset that Heather is disagreeing with her for once. Tamra and Vicki head to their hotel room and Tamra starts talking to Vicki about the Valentine’s Day dinner. She says that toward the end of the night they played the marry, shag or kill game. Tamra claims that Eddie picked Lizzie to shag during the game, but Lizzie is saying that Eddie chose Lizzie as the marry option. Tamra is super pissed with Lizzie and calls her a foul person while Lizzie is outside defending herself and says that she never called Tamra a bitch or said that Eddie wanted to f*ck her. The whole thing sounds confusing but I’m sure we’ll find out who is telling the truth eventually.

The adventure in Bali continues next week!

What did you think of last night’s episode? Are you Team Tamra or Team Lizzie?

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