RHOC Recap: Lizzie Rovsek Has The Worst Birthday Ever And Shannon Beador Tries To Work Things Out With The Ladies



Another Monday, another episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Let’s get things rolling!

Last night’s episode starts with Vicki joining Tamra for a walk around the neighborhood. Tamra tells Vicki her son Ryan is getting married and moving away and Vicki sympathizes because she was blindsided when her daughter Briana eloped. Tamra brings up Lizzie’s disastrous dinner party and Vicki tells Tamra that she owes Shannon an apology. Tamra is shocked because she doesn’t seem to understand what she did wrong (thank you Vicki for being the voice of reason!)

Lizzie is planning a big celebration for her 34th birthday, renting a giant party bus and all. But where are all the housewives the night of her birthday? Heather already told Lizzie she wouldn’t be able to make it since she’s in Las Vegas celebrating another friend’s birthday. Shannon is the first to call Lizzie, who at this point is sitting alone with her husband Christian on the huge party bus, saying she has a slight fever and is too sick to come out. Next up is Tamra, who calls to say her daughter Sophia is sick as well. Lizzie doesn’t understand why Tamra didn’t tell her earlier in the day that her daughter was sick, although she doesn’t question Shannon. Luckily Danielle Gregorio calls and saves the day, saying she’s running late but is on the way. Vicki and Brooks eventually show up also.

The infamous “Take the Beadors Down” comment gets brought up on the bus. Vicki tells Lizzie and Christian that Terry did in fact say he wanted to take the Beadors down. But three days earlier Tamra came over to Lizzie’s house and told her that she had never said that to Terry and doesn’t know where Shannon is getting that from. Lizzie wisely sides with Vicki, given Tamra’s track record this season.

Vicki continues trash talking Tamra at the dinner table, telling Lizzie how Tamra caused a riff between Briana and Brooks last year and how Tamra has hurt her in the past. Lizzie finds it worrisome that all the housewives are trying to warn her about Tamra, who they’re supposedly friends with. Lizzie dubs this one of the worst birthday she’s ever had, and I have to agree, considering it’s pretty funny seeing her small group sit at this giant table in the middle of the restaurant.

Back from Las Vegas, Heather is in the middle of planning a Valentine’s Day party for all the ladies. Tamra comes over to Heather’s house and says she hasn’t gone on her honeymoon yet. Heather says she hasn’t had the chance to go anywhere with Terry yet for their 15th wedding anniversary. Tamra tells Heather the two of them should just go on a vacation together — screw the guys! The idea for a girls’ trip to Bali pops into their heads and they call Vicki to ask if she wants to tag along. Lizzie is also invited, but Tamra and Heather debate whether or not they should invite Shannon on the trip. They decide that they should have a sit down conversation with Shannon first before inviting her.

Meanwhile, Lizzie tells Danielle that she’s pissed at Vicki. Apparently before Vicki got on the party bus, Lizzie heard Vicki say she has to spend the evening with “dumb and dumber.” So much for them being best friends! Lizzie says she’s apprehensive about going on the trip to Bali because drama seems to surround Tamra. Lizzie also thinks that Tamra didn’t come to her birthday on purpose because she didn’t want to come, and used the excuse of her daughter being sick to get out of it.

Shannon finally appears in the episode and is helping her daughter Sophie pack for her first trip overseas. She’s making her daughter pack dozens of pills and herbal remedies for every possible ailment her daughter could ever get (did I mention Sophie is going on the trip with her father?) Take it easy Shannon!

All the housewives arrive for Heather’s Valentine’s Day dinner. Lizzie cuts to the chase and tells Tamra that Vicki said she didn’t come to Lizzie’s birthday party on purpose and made up an excuse. Tamra is obviously pissed and is actually speechless for once! Lizzie tells Tamra she wishes she just would’ve told her earlier she couldn’t make it…probably so she didn’t look like a fool renting an entire party bus for four people.

Eddie gives Tamra a cute Valentine’s Day card at the table while Terry is busy smashing rose petals into his fist. The housewives bring up the Bali trip and Eddie is confused why he’s not coming on this honeymoon trip! Lizzie says she thinks Shannon is eventually going to break, but in a spiritual way and that she’ll end up being in a much happier place. Heather tries to defend herself and Tamra immediately chimes in saying Heather has said some questionable things to Shannon. Pretty sure Tamra has said — and done — some pretty questionable things to Shannon too. Heather just doesn’t understand why her and Shannon can’t get along. Heather then decides to play a game to break the tension, during which Tamra reveals that her and Eddie have anal sex (TMI Tamra!)

Shannon is still trying to pack for her daughter’s trip to Europe (seriously, why is this so complicated?) She’s sad that her daughter is getting older and doesn’t want her to grow up so quickly, but understands that she has to have her own experiences. Later that day, Tamra and Heather meet Shannon and Vicki at dinner to hash out their problems and discuss the trip to Bali.

Shannon tells Heather and Tamra that she also wanted to meet with them to discuss things. Heather brings up the Bali trip and strangely tries to explain away their drama by citing Hinduism and reincarnation (anybody else confused?) Surprisingly, Shannon agrees to go on the girls’ trip since she’s never been on one before. Shannon says she’s surprised by the invitation, but is hopeful she can reconcile her problems with Tamra and Heather while on the trip.

What did you think of last night’s episode? Do you think Bali will be a good experience for the ladies or will it just lead to more drama?

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