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Another day, another new episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey! Sunday’s episode begins with Joe Gorga showing his wife his new investment. Joe apparently has invested millions of dollars on a garbage truck company and Melissa is VERY skeptical about it. Melissa so badly doesn’t want to have to say that her husband has a garbage company and Joe wants to show her what it really is. Joe shows Melissa a truck that looks like any ordinary truck which now makes Melissa worry even more. After meeting the other investors, and looking inside of the electric blue truck, Joe reveals this truck is for government paperwork not actual garbage which is a bit of a relief for Melissa. Joe Gorga then tells Melissa he actually invested more than he’s told her. I know that he keeps mentioning he’s invested millions but does Joe even have millions of dollars to invest in anything to begin with?

Back at Amber’s home, she’s having dinner with her beautiful family and her husband reveal he is making another commercial for his Mortgage company. The commercials always star his family and as adorable as it sounds, it’s extremely tacky.

Speaking of beautiful family, at Teresa’s home, she is having a photoshoot for her new Fabulicious dessert line! Milania is so sick of taking photos and let’s everyone know especially the photographer who she continues to give a hard time too! The photographer even has to pick up Milania in which Milania replies that he needs to get his dirty hands off of her. LOL I wish I knew where she came up with all that she says! Milania continues to act out and even her youngest sister Audriana is shocked by her behavior. After the photoshoot, Teresa has a small group of friends and family come over to have a tasting of the dessert. Dina Manzo arrives first and is all over Audriana who is her God daughter. Dina says that Audriana will always be in her life no matter what. I respect that Dina has taken her role as a God mother so seriously and has always been involved in Audriana’s life. Can’t say the same for the other ladies.. Amber arrives with Melissa and begins getting emotional after she reveals how she respects just how strong Teresa is despite all that she’s going through. Amber starts tearing up which makes Teresa tear up. Melissa then starts wiping some dry tears and Dina says in her interview she doesn’t really like when “new people” try to suck up to Teresa. Audriana catches Teresa cry and questions why her mother is crying. Teresa turns the situation around and it’s just sad to watch. Amber continues to tell Teresa how strong she is then relates it back to her being strong because she survived breast cancer. Nothing was funnier than the music being played while Amber brings up the breast cancer.

The next night the twins have dinner with their spouses and Teresa and Joe. Everyone seems to be getting along and Bobby and Rino say they want to have a guys night with Joe Gorga and Joe Giudice. Giudice is down for it and everyone seems to have a good night. You could tell when looking at Joe Giudice that he does look very stressed so a guys night is just what he might need!

Amber and Melissa are having drinks and Amber can’t seem to move forward with Melissa because she still keeps bringing things up. She even brings up her breast cancer, yet again. I feel terrible that Amber had breast cancer but I truly don’t want to hear about six times an episode.

Nicole’s boyfriend Bobby who is good friends with Amber’s husband Jim stops by his house and the two are just hanging out with Jim’s adorable children. Bobby invites Jim to a guys night out with Giudice and Gorga and Jim reveals he doesn’t want to be in the same room as Giudice being that Joe Giudice is in trouble for fraud and Jim doesn’t want it to ruin his reputation being that he is in the mortgage business. Well Jim, if you didn’t want to be around Giudice then why the hell would you come on the Real Housewives when Joe Giudice and Teresa are the biggest stars of the show? I think Jim thinks he’s a lot more bigger than he actually is.

The next day, Dina stops by Lexi’s job to see whether she got accepted to NYU. Lexi finds out she didn’t get accepted which was sad to watch. I can’t imagine how tough it was to find out you didn’t get accepted to a school on camera and have to relive it as well! Dina remains positive and Lexi appreciates her mother. I still don’t understand why Jacqueline never took tips on how to raise a stable, intelligent daughter from Dina. Just saying.

The guys have a guys night and invite Richard Wakile and Rosie as well to bowl. Everyones having a good time and then they ask why Jim didn’t show up. Bobby doesn’t want to start trouble so he tells the men Jim knows that Giudice and Gorga have had issues and doesn’t want to be in the middle. Joe Gorga is shocked by this because he thought Jim was actually a decent guy. Bobby says he doesn’t want to start problems so that’s why he didn’t tell Joe Giudice and Joe Gorga the truth. I’m really digging Bobby!

At Dina’s home, she invites James her psychic and Teresa to the house. James has been in Dina’s life for a while and tells you what to expect in your life. When Teresa arrives, James, Dina and Teresa have a sit-down where James tells Teresa he sees everything working out for Teresa but not so much for Joe Giudice which has Teresa getting emotional and in tears.

Melissa meets with the twins and they go shopping. That’s when Nicole tells Melissa the truth on why Amber’s husband Jim didn’t want to hang out with the guys. This makes Melissa livid and Melissa thinks Jim needs to know his role. I completely agree with Melissa. Because Melissa is so angry, she tells the twins what Amber said to her in confidence when they were hanging out one night. Amber had told Melissa that she heard Nicole was a homewrecker and broke a family and Melissa tells the twins this which gets them riled up. They are so upset that they immediately leave the boutique and Melissa encourages them to do so. Nicole just doesn’t understand why Amber would go behind her back and say this. Teresa and Nicole drive to Amber’s house but notice the kids are home so decide to confront Amber another day. Amber did tell Melissa Nicole is a homewrecker in confidence so I really don’t think Melissa should have said anything since both agreed that they were trying to move forward. Nicole and Teresa drive away but they aren’t finished with Amber..yet!

Until next week…Thought’s on tonight’s episode? Let’s Discuss!
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