RHONY Recap: The Ladies Confront Aviva Drescher; And Aviva Throws Her Leg At Them!



We start tonight’s episode off with Sonja and her assistants helping her on her bed since she sprained her ankle. Sonja is mad that Harry left the party with Luanne and Ramona and Kristen are at her home to visit her. Sonja’s assistant was there when Harry and Luanne were getting in the taxi and Luann turned and said “I am single now.” The girls are shocked and Sonja is really upset and she’s crying.

Ramona is pissed that Luann has hurt Sonja and she says that Luann is not a girls girl and they all need to keep an eye on her. I’m sure given Ramona’s recent situation with her own husband Mario’s cheating REALLY angers her even more about Luann.

Kristen’s husband is working from home and she walks in on him and a business associate discussing getting a model for their new campaign. Kristen doesn’t think they should waste the money and they should just have her do it since she is a model after all. Sonja is still recovering and she learns that Luann has sent her flowers. Sonja and her “Team Sonja” of interns is so hilarious. While Sonja is talking with her assistant Pickles, Luann stops by at Sonja’s request.

Sonja confronts Luann about jumping in the cab with Harry and then Luann tells Sonja that Harry is the one who jumped in the cab with her and they decided to go out and dance. I’m sorry but I’m not buying Luann’s excuse. She was being a crappy, selfish, friend.

Sonja seems like she doesn’t really like to argue for long periods of time, so I’m not surprised that the subject turned to Sonja’s “thank you” party. Heather is picking out bags for her charity event and Carole stops by to check out the stuff and talk about the status of Heather’s son’s hearing.

I feel really badly for Heather I can’t imagine what she’s going through. As a parent when your child is hurt or has any sort of medical condition you feel so helpless when you can’t cure the pain.

Kristen is getting ready for her husband E boost photo shoot campaign. She’s really excited because it will be appearing on a billboard. It’s nice to see Kristen and her husband Josh getting along and actually working together on this campaign.

Sonja is meeting with her lying, dirtbag sometimes boyfriend, Harry. Sonja confronts him about trying to commit to her and then leaving with Luann. Harry says that he did call her the next morning and Sonja calls him out on him lying. Harry makes up some lame excuse about people telling him not to let Luann leave by herself since she was drinking.

I don’t know how Sonja can put up with this guy. He is clearly an a-hole. Good for Sonja for breaking up with him. We’ll see how long this lasts. Carole invites Kristen and Heather over to see her newly renovated apartment. Carole’s place is so amazing. She really does have great taste.

Carole tells the girls that Sonja text her about Aviva coming to the Team Sonja party. I understand why Heather and Carole have their issues with the Aviva, but I kind of feel like Kristen just wants to be in drama and just wants to fight with someone. Like Aviva, Kristen has fought with everyone this season. Well — everyone except Carole. Still that just shows she’s just as much drama. Ramona and Carole are having lunch together and Carole tells Ramona how she feels about dating, and Ramona reveals that Fabio, (yes the romance novel Fabio) was “after her.” LOL

The ladies all arrived at the Team Sonja party and of course, Sonja isn’t even there yet. Sonja finally arrives (due to being unable to work her printer) and the ladies are inside still talking about Aviva. I just don’t understand why if the ladies don’t see Aviva and don’t really want her on the trips, why do they get so mad when she’s not there and still talk about her? Shouldn’t they be happy they don’t have to be around her?

Sonja makes an awkward speech to her guests and I can’t help but laugh. Everybody looks totally confused. The ladies still don’t think that Aviva is being honest about what’s going on with her asthma and they’re all mad at her, except Sonja. Sonja doesn’t care.

The ladies all sit Aviva down so they can confront her about her issues. Heather begins talking and then Kristen comes in and starts complaining about how she’s been such a good friend to Aviva. Kristen needs to go away. I’m not Aviva’s number 1 fan, but Kristen has done nothing but talk crap ALL SEASON about Aviva.

Aviva makes fun of all the ladies’ claims and brings out her x-rays saying that her doctor must have lied to her. Aviva even passes out her doctor’s business cards so the ladies can just call him for themselves. Aviva thinks the ladies are only being mean to her because she knows information about Carole’s writing.

Heather, Carole, and Luann leave the table while Kristen, Sonja, and Ramona are looking at Aviva’s x-rays. Heather comes back and questions the ladies for still talking about “this” and it’s kind of funny since Heather is the one who initiated this confrontation.

Aviva throws her x-rays at Heather and Heather calls Aviva laughable. And here it comes Aviva slaps her artificial leg on the table. Aviva even ends up throwing her leg towards Heather because she’s tired of Heather being “mean” to her. The best thing out of this whole leg throwing situation is the fact that Sonja says that she would’ve thrown her leg too, and her arms, and her other leg. LOL

Well that was it for RHONY’s season 6 finale. Next up, the reunion!!

Thoughts on tonight’s episode? Let’s discuss!

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