RHOC Recap: Shannon Beador Is Done With The Drama; And Tamra Barney Loses It Over Ryan Moving!



In tonight’s episode we pick up right where we left off — Shannon going “crazy” according to Tamra and Heather. Tamra and Lizzie are trying to calm Shannon down, but she’s done. Heather is inside talking to Danielle and Heather admits that she had to kick Shannon out of her house. Heather and Tamra leave to talk outside AGAIN, and Heather has a puppy dog look on her face. Vicki is annoyed with Heather and Tamra and knows that Tamra is up to no good.

Vicki goes outside to comfort Shannon, but Shannon is way past the point of talking. Inside, Heather tells Terry that maybe they should call an ambulance because she is mad. Lizzie’s husband hears Tamra and Heather talking about the ambulance nonsense and he shuts it down immediately. I agree with Lizzie calling out the fact that Heather and Tamra are using the “crazy Shannon” card in their favor.

After talking to the ladies, Shannon decides to be respectful and go in and apologize to everyone and say a proper goodbye. Good for Shannon. Heather tries to talk to Vicki and Vicki isn’t buying anything she’s saying and doesn’t want to be involved. Heather looks kind of annoyed that Vicki isn’t siding with her. Vicki doesn’t think Heather knows how to apologize.

Shannon says sorry to the group and says goodbye. The gang has a fireball shot and they all leave. What a horrible dinner party. Poor Lizzie. Shannon and David are in their limo and she thanks him for sticking up for her while everyone was fighting. Heather, Danielle, and Tamra decide to meet up for a “Let’s talk about Shannon” luncheon. The ladies are acting like they don’t know why Shannon is so mad, HELLO! It’s called Tamra!

Tamra acts like a monster every season, so for the ladies to act like Shannon is so terrifying is stupid. In her talking head, Tamra says she doesn’t remember if she told Shannon that Terry wanted to take the Beadors down. Tamra really can’t get her lie straight. Danielle starts talking about their marriage and Tamra brings up Shannon’s Vodka addiction as well as not sleeping in the same bed as her husband.

Vicki is having lunch with Brooks and she tells him how badly she feels for Shannon. Brooks and Vicki start talking about their relationship and all I can think about is how many of these lunch/dinner dates, does Brook pay for himself? I really need to know the answer to this. Shannon is visiting Dr. Moon and I think she’s going to the wrong doctor. Dr. Moon is scamming poor Shannon because whatever he is doing is not working.

Lizzie feels bad for how upset Shannon was at her dinner party so she decides to call her and let Shannon know she’s there for her. Shannon after being burned by Tammy Sue, is nervous about letting Lizzie in. Ryan comes over to Tamra’s house and Tamra tells him about the emails from Simon about getting full custody of their children. To make matters worse, Ryan drops a bomb on Tamra about how he met the love of his life on Instagram and he plans to move with her to Auburn.

Tamra starts fake crying and Ryan is just smiling. Oh and this Sarah (Ryan’s girlfriend) has THREE daughters. I would be scared for Ryan to help me raise my children, he doesn’t even seem like he can take care of himself. Vick and Briana are meeting for a therapy session and Briana feels Vicki always has controlled her. I think Vicki ignore some of her job as a parent. It’s like she figured if she always gave her kids nice things and a luxurious lifestyle — everything is fine.

It’s time for Ryan to introduce his girlfriend to Tamra and the rest of the family. Tamra says Sarah kind of looks like her, EXCEPT Sarah’s face still moves and I’m sure she probably can still produce real tears. Sarah seems like a nice girl, and sadly she reveals over dinner that both her parents are deceased. Tamra starts crying for Sarah’s tough life and then the topic switches to Sarah and Ryan getting married.

Ryan admits they already have a venue and a date picked out and Tamra freaks. She literally starts screaming and fake crying and it looks painful trying to squeeze out a tear. Eddie tries calming Tamra down, and you know in his mind he’s happy that he doesn’t have to support Ryan as a fake manager anymore.

Next week it’s Lizzie’s birthday!

Thoughts on tonight’s episode? Let’s discuss!

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