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RHONJ Recap: Melissa Gorga Can’t Get Used To Her New Home And Teresa Gets Emotional With Joe!

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Another new episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey and this one begins with the gang getting ready for Christmas! We get to watch as the wives and their family get ready for the holidays.

Dina Manzo and Nicole go out for some drinks and both seem like they can relate to one another because Nicole recently got divorced while Dina is going through a divorce. Dina reveals she still lives with Tommy Manzo but now that Lexi is going away to college, she needs to find a companion but she hasn’t dated in a really long time so she is clearly comfortable and doesn’t know how to be alone and obviously doesn’t want to start over.

Melissa and Joe are looking at their new property and Melissa reveals that the reason she is moving is not to get away from Teresa’s family but they want to move to Franklin Lakes because it originally is there home. Dina and Teresa visit Melissa’s property which is quite random that they show up knowing Melissa and Joe are visiting the property.

Joe Gorga asks his sister how she’s doing and she replies that she is good and is living day  to day. Joe reveals in his interview that Teresa doesn’t speak to him about her legal trouble and is he really shocked? Why would Teresa reveal anything personal going on so that Joe can tell Melissa who will go back and tell her sisters and her family? Joe has not made Teresa feel like she can speak to him about things so I get why Teresa is private about her legal issues.

Now that all the families are getting along, Melissa Gorga reveals the ladies have decided to get the cousins all together for a Holiday party which includes Kathy Wakile, her hubby, and sister Rosie. Teresa and Joe are running late but finally arrive. Melissa see’s Teresa and says she wants Teresa to know how badly she wants to be there for Teresa. I don’t understand why she says this in her interview and can’t express it to Teresa herself. Everyone begins opening gifts and the family are all having a good time. Melissa makes a toast and says she is happy that everyone is all together but I just don’t see that this would happen if cameras weren’t rolling.

It’s Christmas time and we begin watching Teresa Giudice with her family opening gifts. I think the best part of tonight’s episode was watching Teresa’s kids. Teresa and Joe surprise the kids with a dog and it’s absolutely adorable to see their excitement.

At Dina Manzo’s home, she reveals she hates Christmas because she’s always had a terrible Christmas party. Probably because Dina is never around her family with al the drama going on with the Laurita’s and Caroline.

Nicole is spending the holidays with her parents and boyfriend. She is stressed out because her children stay with her ex-husband for the holidays so you can imagine how tough that is.

It’s Christmas Day at Melissa’s home and Melissa is complaining about the weather being terrible because it’s going to make the process of building her new home longer. Joe Gorga is getting irritated with Melissa and wants to hear her stop bi*ching because Melissa is apparently not used to the “smaller home.” I think it’s quite funny Melissa is having an issue with the new home being that she lived that way before she got married. Just saying!

At Teresa’s home, she has a heart to heart with her husband Joe about their legal issues and Teresa admits that the family can’t function without Joe.  Joe says he wishes that they didn’t have these issues but wants to keep working hard and he’s happy that they have such a strong wife which makes him want to come to Teresa. It’s sad to watch them get so emotional with each other. They are clearly struggling and anyone who’s watching, can see it.

Overall this episode was quite disappointing. I’m hoping this season does get better but maybe it wasn’t that great of an idea for Jacqueline and Caroline not to return…I just can’t seem to be into the new ladies. Thought’s on tonight’s episode? Let’s Discuss!

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