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Terry Dubrow Says Heather Dubrow’s Breasts Are “Slightly Deflated;” Reveals What Heather Has Had Done To Her Face!

At least he’s honest! LOL Terry Dubrow recently chatted with RumorFix about his wife Heather Dubrow’s imperfections, and what he says might surprise you! Terry revealed what Heather’s breasts are really like, and also admits that she in fact DOES get Botox (once a year) and fillers to keep her wrinkle-free face! Check it OUT!
About Heather’s breasts, Terry reveals,
“Those four children just sucked the life out of them. Her breasts are still good but they are slightly deflated, but equally attractive.”


So what about Heather going under the knife? Terry says,

We have talked about it. I don’t want my wife to have any plastic surgery – look at her what would you do? My wife’s body is unbelievable, my wife is rarified air… I told her, ‘They look good and you’re not bothered by them – we’re not doing it.


Terry also shut down procedure rumors about Heather saying,

“Compare her photos to college or when she was on Jenny in the ’90s.”


Lastly, Terry revealed how Heather keeps her flawless face,

She had this little wrinkle so I asked her ‘Does it bother you?’ She said ‘Yes’ so I started injecting her at 27. But she only does Botox once a year – it’s last forever on her. She also uses fillers and the anti-aging serum Sculptra.


Is it me, or did any of you get the impression from Heather when she says (I have done nothing to my face) to mean just that?


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