RHOC Recap: Tamra Barney Starts A Fight With EVERYONE Due To Her Lying!



It’s Monday! Let’s get to the drama! Tonight episode starts off with Heather and Terry having a couples’ dinner date with Vicki and Brooks. Vicki shares how fun Mexico was and Terry tells Vicki he knows Shannon must have told her what happened in their home. Vicki explains what she knows and Heather is already annoyed because she knows Shannon didn’t tell the full truth.

Vicki seems defensive about the Heather and Shannon fight. Vicki admits that Shannon left a few things out when repeating what happened at Heather’s, but all in all I think Vicki is still Team Shannon. Over at Shannon’s, she and her husband are having a drink together and getting ready for dinner. The Beador’s seem like (in this scene at least) that they’re on the road to recovery!

Lizzie is at her family’s beach house and the view is breathtaking. Lizzie tells her husband she wants to have a dinner party for the girls at the beach house, which means Christian better hurry up the renovations!

Vicki is at her office and Tamra decided to pay her a visit. Vicki reveals to us that she hates going potty. Same Vicki. I wish someone could do it for me. Lol Tamra immediately brings up the dinner Vicki had with Heather and Terry. Vicki pretty much imitates Heather’s finger pointing and says she doesn’t want to get in the middle of it.

Lizzie and Christian are getting the beach house ready for the party and while she has the place covered with gorgeous flowers, I’m still stuck on the view. Shannon and David are heading over to the party and Shannon says she never gets excited — isn’t she a bundle of joy? Yikes! Poor David. Shannon does admit however she is nervous about seeing Heather since Tamra told her that Heather said she wanted to take the Beador’s down. Really? Even I don’t buy that.

Hasn’t Shannon learned not to trust what Tamra says? The ladies arrive at Lizzie’s and everyone seems awkward around each other. Vicki finally arrives with Brooks. Tamra and Brooks play nice, but according to Vicki Brooks is “guarded” when it comes to Tammy Sue.

Shannon pulls Tamra to the side to gossip because Shannon is not happy unless she’s gossiping about Heather Dubrow and Terry Dubrow. Shannon brings up the “take down” comment and Tamra tells her she never said that. Shannon so desperately wants every rumor she hears about Heather to be true. It’s exhausting to watch.

Shannon tells Tamra she needs to stop putting random ideas in her head. And Tamra is getting annoyed that Shannon won’t stop her crazy. Shannon says since Tamra didn’t confirm it that she’ll drop it. The gang is eating dinner and it is awkward and quiet. Tamra breaks the ice and asks Brooks what Vicki’s favorite body part is. Brooks says Vicki’s brain (so rehearsed) and then grosses us all out and says her vagina. BLEHHHH!

Tamea whispers to Terry and Heather and tells them that Shannon tried telling her she said they wanted to take her down. Terry who is shocked, immediately yells across the table about the rumor and Shannon says it’s what she was told. Terry later apologizes for doing so but it is too late. Everyone is kind of fired up.

Shannon brings up that Tamra told her about the “take down” comment and Tamra denies it. Unfortunately, Tanmy Sue doesn’t remember she also told Vicki the same thing! BUSTED Tamra! David and Terry are going back and forth while Heather still isn’t over Shannon’s “screaming” at her.

Lizzie notices that Tamra is the common denominator in all the drama. She even notices that whenever there is drama Tamra always pulls that person aside. Heather stupidly thinks that Tamra never lies. Really? She’s already lied and you know about it. How naive can someone so smart be.

Tamra and Heather are on the balcony talking and Tamra is denying everything and trying to stick the “she’s crazy” bug in Heather’s head.
Inside Brooks tells Vicki to go outside and she says no. She knows if she stands up for Shannon, Tamra will go after Brooks. So sad.

Inside, David and Terry are arguing and Terry tried reassuring that he never said that and David snaps at Terry saying he could never take them down. The ladies return inside and David is upset with Tamra and doesn’t want to talk about it at the dinner table. Tamra is trashy and says, “okay let’s go outside.”

Tamra is telling her side to David and I have to hand it to her. She can sell fire in hell, and these fools are buying it! Everyone starts coming out to the balcony one by one as Chief Tamra spills her lies out. Eddie looks annoyed and is probably kicking himself for marrying such a drama queen.

Heather is telling David her side of things and how she didn’t gossip about their marriage and Shannon can’t stand it. Shannon says she’ll never believe Heather’s story and Heather brings Vicki’s name into it. Vicki wants to stay out of it. Good for Vicki.

Shannon is losing it. Tamra is trying to calm Shannon down but it’s not working. Lizzie looks terrified. Shannon is running around the place having a nervous breakdown and she wants Tamra to stay away from her. Lizzie is doing her best to calm things down but Shannon is seeing red.

Next week, the aftermath of Hurricane Shannon and Lying Tammy Sue!

Thoughts on tonight’s episode? Let’s discuss!

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