RHONJ Recap: The Season Six Premiere; Emotion And The New Ladies Take Over!


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The Real Housewives of New Jersey has finally returned and the season six premiere was interesting to say the least! The episode begins with Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga ironically in their rooms watching the news when Teresa and Joe Giudice appear on television regarding their fraud case. Melissa sees this and tells Joe she wants to move forward with Teresa and doesn’t care about the past and wants to be there for Teresa. Melissa then goes and calls Teresa to check on her. Teresa answers and Gia is in the room listening to the conversation. Looking at Gia, you could tell how stressed she is about what’s going on with her family. Teresa tells Melissa everything is fine and Gia starts to break down which leaves everyone at home watching in tears.

Bravo twists it up a little by rewinding the season to three months prior to Teresa’s case and we see Teresa’s children jumping around all giddy and happy! Teresa asks Gabriella to help Milania with her homework but Milania is more interested in Gabriella having her do her homework while she reads a book. LOL. Dina Manzo arrives to Teresa Giudice and in her words, the b*tch is back! The kids are all happy to see Dina and Dina and Teresa get straight to talking about all that’s going on in their lives. Teresa and her lawyer fees-Dina and her marriage issues. Dina reveals that Tommy has a wandering eye for younger girls and that’s not okay but she still doesn’t want to divorce him. It seems like Dina is just very comfortable and is not ready to start over with anyone else.

In the next scene, Teresa and Melissa go take their daughters to cheerleading practice and thats when Melissa and Teresa both speak out on how their relationship is in a better place. Melissa also invites Teresa to come to her former friend Amber’s house and Teresa ironically has plans with Dina. It’s so funny to watch as Bravo sets up the new wives introduction. Everything on tonight’s episode all seems so very set-up!

We are introduced to Amber who has four children and is “happily” married. Amber seems like a bit much and I’m not feeling her. Speaking in her interview, Amber reveals how she walked in Melissa’s marriage and confirms that Melissa ended up marrying for money resulting them to part ways as soon as Melissa got married. Don’t understand how Melissa can ever be surprised when people refer to her as a gold digger. Her own former best friend that walked in her wedding is even admitting to Melissa being one!

Amber is throwing a party and we are going to see the new ladies Amber, twins Nicole and Teresa interact with Melissa, Dina, and Teresa Giudice. I just want to know where Bravo found these new girls. They seem so trashy and it’s really bad when I’m watching and actually miss Jacqueline and Caroline! Teresa and Dina walk into the party and their are several people whispering, shocked that Teresa attended. Teresa says it’s obvious when people do that which is just sad. The ladies all introduce themselves and I see absolutely no connection. Amber opens up about being cancer free and it’s amazing to see she survived that.

Speaking of cancer free, Amber takes Melissa aside to say she wants to mend their friendship. Amber says Melissa went MIA but Melissa says Amber did the same. That’s when Amber talks about her cancer that Melissa oddly had no clue about. I don’t really understand how Melissa had no idea that her own former best friend battled cancer. Amber then calls Melissa out and says Melissa did know about the cancer because she messaged her on Facebook. Melissa denies ever messaging Amber on Facebook which blows Amber’s mind because Amber says Melissa did message her and say if she ever needed anything she would be there for her. Confused as to why Melissa would lie about this Facebook post.

Melissa goes over to Dina and Teresa and tells them about the awkward conversation she just had with Amber. Melissa says she does not like to be accused of things that aren’t true. Teresa says she knows the feeling.

The next day, Teresa Giudice gets ready for her family portraits with her husbands side. Teresa’s Father-in-law suddenly passed away last month so I am happy to see that they got these photos before the passing. The family take a beautiful portrait and Joe Giudice makes an emotional speech which again left me in tears and leaves Gia Giudice in tears. It was nice to see so many supportive people at Joe’s home. That’s how family should be. Gia tells her father how he did a really good and she starts breaking down which is heartbreaking to watch. Everything that’s going on has really affected Gia like it would any child.

Joe Giudice father Frank and Teresa chime in and Frank assures Gia that he loves her so much. Everyone hugs each other and I’m in tears knowing that Frank suddenly passed away at the Giudice’s home. The episode ends with a lot of emotion and I am looking forward to the season despite the fact that I am just not feeling the new ladies.

Thought’s on the season premiere? Was it everything you expected? Let’s Discuss!
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