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Kyle Richards Says She Will NOT Miss Carlton Gebbia Being Apart Of RHOBH!

kyle and carlton

You and me both honey! There’s definitely no love lost between Kyle Richards and former RHOBH newbie Carlton Gebbia, so it was no surprise when Kyle revealed she would NOT be missing the “witchy poo” from the hit show! Speaking to Us Weekly, Kyle Richards shared how she feels about RHOBH returning for a fifth season and she also addresses the rumors of Faye Resnick being a housewife! Check it OUT!

About the show and how she feels about coming back, Kyle reveals,

“Yes, it’s coming back and I’m coming back. I feel good. I’m looking forward to a new season. I think it’s going to be a really good season and I’m excited. I’m curious, like the viewer, to see things unfold and see what the relationships are like.”

Kyle also dished on Carlton Gebbia and Joyce Giraud getting the boot, she says,

“Let’s just say I’m 50/50. One is fine with me and the other one, well, you know! Joyce and I got along very well and Carlton was never nice to me. She went out of her way not to be. We were never friends so there is no love lost there.”

Kyle revealed she didn’t know what Carlton’s issue with her was

“I couldn’t tell. None of us have ever done that on the show. We have been authentic and if it was that, maybe that’s why the audience didn’t respond to her? It was so out of left field and I’m not going to miss her. I didn’t know her before [the show] and I haven’t seen her since.”

Lastly, Kyle shuts down rumors of friend, Faye Resnick joining the season 5 cast

“I know that’s not true,” she says.

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