RHOC Recap: Shannon Beador Makes Couple’s Trip With Vicki Gunvalson AWKWARD!


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Tonight’s episode starts off with Shannon and her girls. Everything seems to be going decent with Shannon and her husband, but she can’t get over the email. Over at Heather’s we are introduced to her new personal chef. Heather doesn’t cook so her kids and her assistant get to live the life with an amazing gourmet chef. This scene definitely made my mouth water.

Heather pulls her assistant to the side and tells her what happens with Shannon. Her assistant agrees that what Shannon did was inappropriate and Heather says she hopes that while Vicki and Shannon are in Mexico together — Vicki doesn’t forget that they are friends and gossip about her.

Vicki has a chef cooking for everyone at her condo and we get to see flashbacks of Tamra telling Vicki what happened between Shannon and David and the infamous email. Tamra is literally the worst friend ever. Shannon and David arrive to the condo and all is well until they are shown their room.

Shannon immediately is irritated when she learns that she will be sleeping in a small room with a double bed. Shannon plays the size of the room down to Vicki’s face, but then later admits that it was in fact really small. For a moment I thought Shannon was going to just rough it out and deal with it, but she gives her husband David the look of death about the bed and he brings Vicki in the room the see if they can go stay at a nearby hotel.

Shannon is such a brat. She tries to come off so humble and down to earth, but she was put to the test in this bed situation and her true colors were revealed. David seems very calm like he can go with the flow and just have a good time. Maybe that’s something Shannon needs to work on.

Vicki comes in the room and she’s not having it. LOL She pretty much shuts them both down and tells them they aren’t going anywhere. We then cut to Tamra where she is wasting valuable scene time with her home ec baby. Bravo seriously? Next time just extend the commercials instead of showing that garbage.

Vicki and Shannon and their men are having breakfast and Vicki’s brother Billy comes out and offers his room to Shannon and David. FINALLY Shannon can be somewhat happy. Lizzie is at home with her boys and she is dressed like a little girl playing princess. She looooves her headbands.

Lizzie wants another baby, but unless she plans on investing in a full time nanny, I’m not sure if I really see her being able to handle it. She wants it all, but not the work that comes with it. Shannon and Vicki are getting ready to jet ski and Shannon reveals she doesn’t like the ocean because of the fish. The ladies then take their men for a ride and Shannon is actually enjoying herself.

Then they get off the jet skis and that’s another story. David is enjoying himself and drinking and Shannon is mad. She’s mad because David isn’t that fun with just her. One day at a time Shannon. Things aren’t going to get perfect overnight. Vicki is trying to make conversation about couple things and when the subject of spending time together comes up, Shannon makes it awkward because David doesn’t answer the question. Shannon really needs to stop doing this in front of other people. I’m embarrassed for her.

Heather is over at Lizzie’s and she’s giving Lizzie advice about how to do it all with more kids. After talking with Heather, Lizzie admits that Christian is more of the problem than her kids. He sees her company as more of a hobby.

Vicki thinks it’s sexy when girls smoke cigars so her and Shannon go to smoke one except Shannon isn’t into it at all. They sit down at a cafe and Vicki tells Shannon about a text she received from Tamra saying she’s in trouble. Shannon tells her what happened about Tamra spilling the beans to Heather about the email and Shannon uses that opportunity to talk about how Heather kicked her out of her home.

If Heather doesn’t want to argue with Shannon in her own home, it is her right not to ask Shannon to leave. Shannon needs to understand not everyone argues in front of their kids and she needs to respect that. Shannon is more focused on Heather asking her to leave, than she is her marital issues. Shannon is really stuck on hating Heather.

Vicki shares with Shannon how Tamra is wrong and she’ll never trust her after what she did. Shannon says she doesn’t trust Tamra, but she likes her. Terry is tasting Nelse’s cooking for the first time and he is in love. Whew. I don’t know what Heather’s family would do without their personal chef. After dinner, the Dubrow’s watch Heather’s debut on Hawaii Five-0.

Heather is getting beat up in her scene and her kids looking terrified watching. LOL Back in Mexico, it’s dinner time for the couples. David is drinking and Shannon makes a “statement” about it. Here’s the thing. Shannon may have meant no harm, but she has a history of turning EVERYTHING into an argument and David’s always on edge ready for it. So when she makes her comments, he’s thinking she’s just being her typical bitchy self.

Vicki notices how Shannon is always telling David everything he is doing wrong instead of everything he is doing right. Shannon goes off to the bathroom and Vicki follows. Shannon tells Vicki her relationship is fine and she doesn’t get why everyone keeps looking at her weird. Shannon really thinks that the tension in her marriage isn’t obvious and is mad that it is.

After saying her marriage is “fine, Shannon then decides to go back to the dinner table and tell David, “Maybe next time don’t make me look like a bitch.” UHHHHH…AWKWARD! Shannon has serious issues. You’re mad everyone can see your marriage isn’t okay, then you go back to the table and say that?!

David and Shannon both leave the table and Shannon is crying. David is so calm I don’t know how he does it. I would go crazy with someone like Shannon. She really is clueless. Shannon needs to ditch the oils and invest in intense therapy. After they’re done talking, Shannon and David go back to the dinner table.

Well that was it for tonight’s episode. It was pretty boring. What did you think? Let’s discuss!

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