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Cynthia Bailey Reveals She No Longer Has Body Image Issues!

cynthia bailey

While most of the housewives are constantly complaining about getting older and their image — Cynthia Bailey is feeling sexier than ever. Speaking with Ebony, Cynthia shares that she no longer worries about imperfections and admits she feels most comfortable when she is au natural. Check out what Cynthia revealed below

“If you have a beautiful spirit, you’ll be beautiful. I always want to carry [myself] with class and integrity. Those things define the essence of beauty. I feel more beautiful because I’m so much wiser. My face has so much more character at this point; it shows my life lessons. And she notes that her photos now have more depth. I think it’s beautiful to see my growth.”

So what does Cynthia do to keep her skin flawless?

“I use daily exfoliants, which help keep skin fresh. And I also do a mask once a week. I use a moisturizer and eye cream every night.”

Cynthia also credits her husband, Peter Thomas, for making her always feel sexy, she says

“I am married to a man who is completely in love with me. I can be in long johns, and he still thinks I’m smoking hot. There is a level of freedom and power that comes with that. I feel sexiest when I’m just my natural self.”

Lastly, Cynthia shares,

“I am completely comfortable with who I am and where I’m going. I don’t have to apologize for being me. I’m no longer critiquing my body—I look great, back fat and all.”

I think Cynthia is absolutely stunning. Thoughts on what Cynthia had to say?

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