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Brandi Glanville Gets Called A “MEDIA HOE” For Being Desperate To Stay In The Headlines!

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Brandi Glanville has often said she speaks the “truth” many times, and while her fans may agree, some just think of Brandi as someone who will say anything to stay in the media. Yesterday on Wendy Williams, Wendy’s Hot Talk panel discussed Brandi referring to her son as an a**hole. Panelist and relationship expert, Siggy Flicker, called Brandi out for using her kids and her divorce to stay in the media!

Siggy stated,

“I say that sometimes your kids can be ‘a-holes’ Sometimes they go out of line — She’s a media hoe. Everything that she does is to stay relevant to make headlines. When you’re on a reality show the only way that you’re gonna get renewed for a second, third, (season) is if you make the covers. So she attacks her ex-husband, his wife, and now the children. You gotta stop when it comes to the kids.”

Wendy interjected and agreed with Siggy saying,

“Here’s my thing. You’re right. Kids can be a-holes and more. But that’s kitchen table talk. Like I’m not gonna sit here and tell you all how many times our son — It’s kitchen table talk. That’s not something you’re supposed to say on your podcast.”

I agree with Wendy. You talk about your kids privately with your friends, not broadcast it on your podcast. I’m sure Brandi wouldn’t like it if her son in the future got on social media and posted things like “my mom is a drunk b*t&!” would she? You should have that same respect for your kids Brandi. What are your thoughts?

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