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Apollo Nida Talks About His Bad Publicity; And Reveals What RHOA Couple He Looks Up To!


From being in trouble with the law and his wife, Apollo Nida reveals the one couple on RHOA he looks up to! Speaking to Straight From The A, Apollo shares how he admires the teamwork between Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas in their marriage, plus says how hard some publicity is for him to read. Check it OUT!

Apollo says,

“Like [Peter] and Cynthia, we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors but as far as what you see, they’re supportive. She supports [Peter’s business] Bar One, it’s become a brand name. The same thing with The Bailey Agency, they carry both hand in hand. It’s unity.”

And all the press? Apollo continues,

“They say all publicity is good publicity, but we’re human too! It’s like, I try to act like it doesn’t exist, but then I read something and I’m like ‘How can you think like that’… If I was a deadbeat, if I was no good, just a jailbird, whatever, you’re talking about an educated woman with many many accolades under her belt. You don’t think with all of that, that she can pick a man? Let’s think about that. People don’t think about that part. There’s something that I had to offer.”

Apollo also explains why he admires Peter so much

“I admire Peter. He told me a long time ago that hindsight is 20/20. Don’t be that person that says ‘I already know’…. you thought you knew, but there could be another way. He gave me some advice and he was like ‘Look, you need to figure this thing out and ride it out.'”

Lastly, Apollo reveals how he is dealing with his legal drama. He says,

“I try to stay focused on a higher power and know that there is a God, and know that something else is guiding me. Psychologically they say that your upbringing will make you who you are, but why can’t I pull out the positive out it.”

Apollo’s sentencing will be July 8 of this year.

Thoughts on what Apollo had to say?

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