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Dina Manzo FIRES BACK At Reports Of Her Not Inviting The Manzos And Lauritas To Lexi’s Grad Party!


Now that Dina Manzo is returning to The Real Housewives of New Jersey, it seems the Caroline and Jacqueline stories and sticking to her even more. Well, Dina is actually tired of finding her name in the headlines alongside her family she is feuding with and she called out Radar Online for its recent story about daughter, Lexi Manzo’s graduation party.

A source for Radar told Tom Murro,

“Caroline Manzo was not there and neither was Jacqueline Laurita. But Teresa Giuidice was there and she looked like she was having a great time. She seemed so proud of Lexi and she and Teresa were happily chatting. The whole night was perfect and thankfully there wasn’t any family drama at all.”

It was also reported that Dina is happy that she doesn’t have to “scrap” with Jacqueline or Caroline on RHONJ, to which Dina responded with the following tweet


I’m sorry, but these stories have Jacqueline written all over them! She’s friends with Tom Murro, hates Dina, and for sure wants the Manzo show to do better than RHONJ in ratings now that Dina is back. I predict more of theses types of stories to come out to keep Caroline and Jacqueline relevant. What do you think?

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