RHOC Recap: Vicki Gunvalson And Heather Dubrow Discuss Tamra Barney Ruining Great Friendships!


vicki and heather

We start the episode off with Vicki meeting Heather for lunch. They immediately start talking about the drama that happened at Shannon’s party. Heather reminds Vicki of what Vicki told her about Tamra turning on everybody. Heather has been nothing but a good friend to Tamra, but Tamra is forever damaged and like Vicki says she ruins good relationships.

Vicki apologizes for bad mouthing Heather and Heather is shocked to hear that Vicki feels less than her because of the zeros in her bank account. It was nice to see them talk about how they feel and get along. Good for Vicki for owning up to what she did and apologizing.

Lizzie has been asked to judge the Miss Santa Monica pageant and she’s excited to be out of the house. Lizzie seems like she likes having kids, but doesn’t like being stuck at home with them all day. It’s the morning of the CUT fitness segment and Tamra still hasn’t talked to Heather. How childish can Tamra be? Why even go?

Terry is worried that Tamra is going to make the segment awkward like she did at Shannon’s party. Heather is bummed that they aren’t talking, but she’s not worried about Tamra. Tamra wants Heather to come in her room and say “hi” to her. Really Tamra? You can’t bad mouth someone and expect them to go out of their way for you.

Heather is getting changed and Tamra thinks that Heather is taking long so she can make her look bad. Yeah Tamra. I doubt Heather would give you that satisfaction. Heather’s mic is messed up and the producers are freaking out over it and they pull her aside to fix it. Tamra is annoyed and says Heather moving around is distracting her.

I think CUT fitness tried to wow the viewers with their workout routine, instead of doing stuff that Heather could actually do with them. Heather couldn’t do their workout so she just watched, which made it more awkward. Heather feels bad that she was late on set, but she says she didn’t know that they would be doing such hardcore movements so she had to hurry up and change in one minute.

Eddie advises Tamra not to read too much into it and sit down and talk with Heather. Over at Shannon’s her husband David is helping their daughter with her math. Shannon is annoyed, which is no surprise. Shannon is always annoyed. It’s exhausting to see Shannon’s scene. She’s never happy and it’s draining. I can’t imagine how it feels to live with her.

David and Shannon’s relationship looks so miserable. I don’t know how Shannon expects David to want to be around her when she’s always pointing out everything that’s wrong with him. Briana and Ryan come over to Vicki’s house and they are having a gender reveal party. Michael is also there and he looks annoyed as always. LOL

Moment of truth, IT’S A BOY! Which we all know now, but it’s still fun to see their reactions then. Tamra calls Heather and wants to meet with her for lunch so they can talk about their friendship. Tamra says she feels horrible that her and Heather are not getting along, yet she’s always gossiping about Heather.

Shannon is at another doctor’s office and Shannon really needs to skip these appointments and see a THERAPIST. Shannon looks like she’s going to crack at any minute. Why would she think it’s a good idea to come onto a TV show with her marriage in the gutter?

Shannon acts like she hates David all the time, and then cries when he leaves. She needs to stop only seeing him as the problem and work on herself. Heather and Tamra are finally meeting and they start things off with a drink. LOL

Tamra brings up GDLA and all the things she forgot to say, and Heather tells her she should have text her. I agree. If Tamra cares so much about her business and the free promotion, why wouldn’t she put her pride aside and reach out to Heather for the sake of her business?

Tamra tells Heather she felt like Heather was “frosty” towards her on GDLA. Heather shares with Tamra she thought she would get an apology and Tamra is shocked. Tamra never feels like she owes anyone an apology after she trash talks them and humiliates them in front of others. There is something wrong with someone who thinks like that.

Heather calls Tamra out on trying to publicly humiliate her in front of the girls, which is exactly what Tamra did. Tamra starts crying and then the truth comes out about why Tamra is really mad, which has nothing to do with GDLA, but everything to do with Heather talking to Eddie about the baby.

Heather was definitely wrong for doing that, and she knows that and isn’t trying to justify it. See Tamra, that’s what a grow-up friendship is. BTW, why was Tamra even lying about Eddie wanting a baby with her for all these years? That’s even stranger.

Tamra says she likes Shannon because Shannon is her four years ago. Tamra even calls Shannon and “sad, sad, soul.” Tamra thinks by now spilling Shannon’s secrets, she can get Heather to feels sorry for Shannon and they can be friends. Tamra will never know how to be a good friend. Heather gives this scene a good ending by impersonating Shannon. HILARIOUS. Those crazy hand motions she does terrifies me too.

Lizzie is cooking with her mom and they have such a great relationship. I feel for Lizzie, boys are WILD. I have one and it feels like three sometimes. I think Lizzie was made to parent prissy girls who don’t smell like cookies and dirt. LOL

Shannon stops by Tamra’s house to talk to her about David’s wanting to divorce her in an EMAIL. OUCH. Shannon needs to be sitting with a therapist, not Tamra.

Next week, Shannon finds out Heather knows about her email and Tamra denies saying anything.

Shannon and her marriage drama are dark and don’t belong on this show. I wish they would have picked a happier couple to appear on this season. What do you guys think? Let’s discuss!

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