RHONY Recap: Sonja Morgan Says Ramona Singer Is A “Master Manipulator!”



We start tonight’s episode off with Luann and Heather shopping, and Kristen comes in and joins them. Kristen immediately tells them that she met with Ramona, and she tells them that Ramona brought her flowers. While the ladies are optimistic that Ramona brought flowers, Kristen lets them know that’s where the niceness ended. Heather and Luann really don’t seem surprised by how Kristen’s meeting with Ramona went. Sonja calls Luann and invites the ladies to her dog Millou’s funeral.

Sonja is with her new assistant and former interns and she is discussing with them what she wants to do with Millou, and they are just looking at each other smiling. Kristen is meeting with the people of JCORE to discuss a possible workout video. They then have her do some of the workouts and she starts breaking a sweat — FAST! Kristen has a great body for her main workout being the “lazy girl workout.”

Carole is visiting Ramona at her office to interview people to be her assistant. Carole placed her ad on Twitter of all places. Ramona is being a control freak and is grilling Carole on what she should be looking for in an assistant. I’d hate to be Ramona’s assistant. Ramona is sitting in as Carole interviews a TON of unprofessional people, and it’s kind of funny to see her reaction.

Sonja is getting some “healing” done I guess you can say. Hey, whatever works Sonja! While Sonja is working with her Spiritual Healer, she reveals that Ramona manipulates her. Sonja also takes the time out to say goodbye to her lost dog, Millou.

Aviva is having a family dinner and she has invited Sonja — who is a little nervous, because Aviva’s horny dad is coming — no pun intended. George (Aviva’s dad) has invited his 25 year old girlfriend, Cody. The conversation turns to sex of course, and putting mirrors on the ceiling. George walks out with a bag, and in it he says is Cody’s engagement ring. The proposal was weird and awkward.

Kristen is filming the workout video for JCORE and her husband is making fun of her while she’s breaking a sweat. Josh is reminding Kristen she has a pooch, and implies that she’s lazy. Kristen wants him to leave, and it kind of looks like she wants to cry.

Aviva, Ramona, and Sonja are having dinner, and Sonja tells Aviva that Ramona is sneaky. Ramona is laughing as Sonja is calling her a “master manipulator,” and Sonja isn’t letting this go. Sonja is still pissed about Ramona interfering with her young boyfriend. I think Ramona finally apologized to just to shut Sonja up. LOL

Sonja is with her intern and she is getting ready for her dog Millou’s funeral. It’s time for the funeral to begin, and everybody looks VERY stylish for the event. Sonja is serving champagne before the funeral starts, and I know it’s supposed to be a sad day, but it’s starting off pretty hilarious. Sonja is sharing a story about Millou, and all it looks like she’s going to make it, but then, the tears come.

Heather is right. This funeral seemed more about Sonja, than Millou. The guests raise their champagne glasses to Millou and the ladies joke amongst themselves about him being gay. It was nice they all got along. Lastly, Sonja with the help of her intern) dump Millou’s ashes, and due to the wind, a lot of it got all over Sonja and the sidewalk.

Next week Ramona and George get into it, and the ladies head to the horse races!

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Let’s discuss!

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