Heather Dubrow Says Shannon Beador Judges Everything She Says; And Thinks Tamra Barney Loves To Talk Behind Her Back!



It seems the castmember who is getting the biggest reality check on RHOC, is Heather Dubrow! The Fancy Pants of the OC, has now been watching the episodes back, and she is not pleased with all the gossiping about her the ladies are doing. Heather took to her blog to reveal what really went down with “Chairgate,” and she also shares how she feels about the ladies all talking about her at the nail salon. Check out more of what Heather had to say below

Hope you all had a beautiful Mothers Day! Thank you to my amazing husband and children for the best day ever!!! I felt so blessed and cherished!

Now on to this week’s show! Planning the hoedown: Yes, it’s very funny how I say I’m less controlling these days and yet am walking the lot and controlling everything about the party!!! Clearly still need to work on that!

Truth be told Nicole Reineman, who plans many events for me, is a genius and one of the most creative people I have ever met. When it came to the details of the flowers, tables, props, etc., I actually let her handle the whole thing. She even made some of the desserts! I usually give her broad strokes of the feel I’m going for and she executes everything brilliantly. I do think parties need a certain flow and when we were walking the lot it was mostly about which way the party area was facing (I didn’t want it to face the Port-O-Potties or the next door neighbor’s wall!). I also had a very specific look for the actual groundbreaking ceremony in mind, which you will see on the show. Finally, everyone that knows me, knows I always cry at emotional family events. So my comment about crying at the ceremony was a goof on myself that I knew I would be crying — my kids tease me about this all the time!

Tamra, Vicki and Shannon at the nail salon: It’s very difficult to hear the ladies talking about me again. Tamra said I didn’t let her talk when we had lunch? That was surprising to me because I felt she talked a lot. She told me all kinds of things she doesn’t enjoy about me, I told her what was bugging me, we hashed it out and moved on, I thought. I guess she just enjoys talking behind my back. It makes me sad because I was so proud of the way we handled our issues.

Holiday night out with ladies (AKA “Chairgate”): I was looking forward to this evening. Tamra and I were back to normal (so I thought), and even though I hadn’t seen or heard from Shannon or Vicki since Shannon’s dinner party, I saw this as a nice way to refresh our friendships and have a good time.

It was pretty awkward in the limo on the way to dinner. I didn’t think Vicki was very nice to Lizzie, which is too bad because she’s a great girl. I was glad that Lizzie stood up for herself.

“Chairgate” at Javier’s: OY! Don’t think I haven’t kicked myself many times for switching back to the center chair!!! Totally juvenile! Vicki and Shannon clearly wanted to be together and when Vicki told me to move, I just did. In retrospect, I should have just stayed in the new seat and resolved to not let that happen again. I wonder if Vicki or Shannon would have moved if I had told them to? Probably not.

Shannon walked out of the bathroom and saw that I had moved seats, and she wagged her finger at me and said “Oh, no, no, Heather…” It was a strange outburst. She looked a little crazy with a scary look on her face. She doesn’t agree that this happened. I was facing the bathroom door, I don’t hallucinate and I have no need to want Shannon to look bad. This is what I was referring to, not her calm behavior at the table.

Shannon has LOTS of opinions about me. Just for the record, I don’t make negative comments about her holistic lifestyle. I think it’s quirky but interesting. When she said she had jewels in her teeth, I said “So you had your mouth feng shui-ed?” — it was supposed to be amusing, not derogatory. If Tamra or Vicki say something about her crystals, call her crazy for “saving a nation” or cracking on Dr. Moon, it’s completely OK, but those rules don’t seem to apply to me. It’s ironic that Shannon finds me so judgmental yet seems to judge everything I say.

When Shannon asked me about Vicki giving new people a hard time I said, “That has not been my experience.” I wasn’t being contrary, I was being truthful. Vicki was super nice when she met me, she was very friendly last year meeting Lydia, and she was very nice to Shannon when they met. So that is my experience. Period. Why was this not an acceptable answer? Furthermore, why is it OK to whisper about me at the table to the other ladies?

When the subject came up about where Shannon and I live in relationship to each other, all I was saying was that there are sub-communities in our development. I certainly wasn’t saying that Shannon lived in the ghetto and we were on Park Place! It was a point of reference for how the place is laid out. I mean, come on, she has a big, beautiful home and we have a patch of dirt. It’s not really a comparison, is it?

Clearly Shannon doesn’t care for me. She seems very quick to judge me, think the worst of me, and feels very comfortable talking behind my back (even when I’m at the table!). It’s a bummer because I thought we would be friends.

Shannon has spent a lot of time with Tamra and Vicki and has nurtured those relationships. She doesn’t know me very well and hasn’t really made an effort to get to know me better. I wonder if hanging out with Vicki and Tamra while they are being so unkind to me is influencing her, or if it’s just not a match. Hard to say… Harder to watch… And yes, it continues….

I feel bad for Heather having to see her “friends” talk so much crap about her. With that being said, I already can’t wait for the reunion! LOL What do you think about what Heather had to say?

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