RHOC Recap: Vicki Gunvalson Insults Lizzie Rosvek; And Heather Dubrow And Shannon Beador Fight Over A Chair!



Tonight’s episode starts with our newest blonde duo, Vicki and Shannon, heading to see Dr. Moon. Vicki tells the doctor that she screams a lot. LOL Vicki is having a hard time relaxing, while Dr. Moon is poking her with all these needles. Ouch. Vicki is screaming and it’s hilarious. We meet up with Heather, and she’s with her event planner and assistant to discuss plans of her pre housewarming party. Hey, if you have the money the throw parties just because the sky is blue, go for it!

Tamra, Vicki and Shannon, are having a nail day and Vicki is telling Tamra how Dr. Moon stuck his finger up her butt-hole. EW. Tamra then tells the ladies about her talk with Heather, and she tells them that everything Heather was saying, were her feelings. Vicki doesn’t think she’s done anything wrong, even though she snores when Heather talks. The conversation then turns to the ugly sweater party, and since Vicki didn’t go, this is her first time hearing about new girl, Lizzie Rosvek.

Hearing that Lizzie, has big hair, boobs, and a swimsuit line, is annoying Vicki. It doesn’t help that Tamra has compared Lizzie to Alexis and Gretchen. I don’t think Vicki wants anymore hot girls being added to the cast. Lizzie is making dinner for her husband and kids. Her two boys are so adorable. Lizzie and her husband seem like they have a really good marriage, despite wanting different things.

Shannon is decorating her house for Christmas, and she really goes all out. I love Christmas, so it’s exciting to see all of Shannon’s extravagant decor. Tamra is at her job at the gym, and she is folding towels. Her son Ryan comes in, and even though he’s a “manager” at CUT, he’s not really doing his job. Tamra asks Ryan what he plans to do with his life, and Ryan gets mad at her. Ryan needs to get his crap together.

Shannon is visiting Vicki at her work, and she has a Feng Shui expert there to help Vicki incorporate some pieces into her decor. Vicki then reveals to us that she thought Feng shui was only for “Asian” people, and I can’t stop laughing. Tamra and Danielle are grabbing hot chocolate at Too Sweet, and they are meeting up with Shannon and Lizzie.

The ladies are all waiting to be picked up by a limo, so they can head to dinner. Vicki and Heather show up, so this is the first meeting where ALL the ladies will be together. Tamra already knows that Vicki isn’t going to like Lizzie, and something tells me, she’s right.

Vicki snaps at Tamra for not introducing her to the new girls, and Vicki uses that opportunity to make fun of Lizzie’s name, by calling her Izzie. Lizzie starts talking a little about herself, and I think it pisses Vicki off that Lizzie is both beauty and brains. Lizzie is not taking any of Vicki’s crap, and calls her out for being rude to her, which surprises all the ladies. Go Lizzie!

The ladies arrive at the restaurant, and Heather starts doing seating arrangements like it’s her own house. Vicki and Shannon want to sit by each other, but Heather is already sitting down, and is pissed that she has to move. Heather is being so immature about the stupid chair, and Shannon is not having it. She tells Heather if it’s that important to her, then she can take the chair. I think Heather is missing the point.

Heather is trying to make it seem like Shannon is the one with the problem, and keeps telling her to “move on,” which is annoying Shannon even more. At this point, I don’t think Shannon even cares about the chair, she’s just angry that Heather won’t drop, and is trying to place the blame on her.

Shannon changes the subject and asks Lizzie and Tamra about living close to each other. Shannon then mentions that she lives in the same neighborhood as Heather, and Heather corrects her, and makes it awkward. Everyone is getting along, but Vicki decides to be catty and get all the girls a shot, except Lizzie. Vicki insists that she ordered six, and the bartender only brought out five.

Lizzie orders her own shot, and kind of ignores Vicki saying she didn’t do it on purpose. Lizzie and Tamra go to the bathroom together, and Vicki tells Heather that Lizzie is not nice. In the bathroom, Tamra is making sure Lizzie is okay, and Lizzie seems like she is over Vicki. When the ladies get back to the table, Heather reassures Lizzie, that she spoke with Vicki about being not so nice to Lizzie.

Tamra is trying to talk with Vicki about how rude she was to Lizzie, but Vicki is mad because she thinks Tamra is taking Lizzie’s side. Vicki doesn’t feel like she’s done anything wrong, and actually feels like it is Lizzie who is being rude to her. Oh Vicki!

While Heather and Lizzie are talking, Shannon butts in and tells Heather if she maybe thinks that Vicki likes to test people when she first meets them, and Heather disagrees with her. Shannon knows that Heather is only disagreeing with her because she is pissed. Shannon tells the same thing to Tamra, and Tamra agrees with Shannon.

Shannon and Danielle leave to the restroom, and Tamra uses that opportunity to ask Heather what’s going on with her and Shannon. Heather tries to convincing the girls that Shannon got “scary, angry,” but none of them are buying it. Shannon and Danielle come back to the table, and Shannon looks annoyed. I guess it doesn’t help that the girls have all switched seats.

The ladies end the night having a toast to “Tamra Shutting Up.” BEST. TOAST. EVER.

Next week, the drama continues, and ALL the ladies get into it!

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