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Tamra Barney SNAPS At A Fan For Supporting Slade Smiley And Telling Her She’s Getting Her Karma!


Karma? Don’t say that to Tamra Barney! The Real Housewives of Orange County star, recently snapped at a fan on Twitter, for suggesting that her recent public custody drama with ex husband, Simon Bareny, could possibly be her karma, for trashing Slade Smiley for many years. Tamra responded to the woman with the following tweet


I don’t care for either situation, but I don’t get how Tamra can’t see that she did the SAME thing to Gretchen AND Slade. She even showed up at Gretchen’s court hearing after promising her she wouldn’t go. All while she was “happily” married to Simon. I think Tamra needs to stay off Twitter and stop reading the tabloids for a while.

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