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RHOC Recap: Eddie Tells Tamra He Doesn’t Want To Raise A Child, Meet New Housewife Lizzie Rovsek!


This week starts off on a good note!  After three weeks of uncomfortable and awkward scenes between Shannon and her husband David we see them enjoying each other.  David decides to surprise Shannon with a night away for just the two of them at the St. Regis Hotel.  Even though it is only 15 minutes away it is a night alone and was a surprise so Shannon is happy (as she should be!).  It is definitely nice to see the good side to their marriage.

We then head over to see Vicki at work, waiting to meet with her decorator.  With her kids living away she has decided to update her office to make it “more Vicki, less office”  She is asking her employees about different paint colors and finds out that the dark colors in the entrance make her employees sleepy and that the walls smell like leather.

Checkin back in with Shannon and David; they have checked into the hotel and David makes a joke to the bell hop that Shannon snores which annoys her.  I think Shannon needs to let it up a bit.  She is spending a night away with her husband which is something she has been wanting, she needs to relax and enjoy the moment.

Tamra and Eddie head out to an ugly sweater party hosted by Tamra’s new friend Danielle.  They invited Heather and Terry and each couple took their own car.  In each car they were discussing the lunch Heather and Tamra had which was shown last week.  I know the each conversation was serious but it was difficult to see it that way in those sweaters!  The party looked like a lot of fun with a ton of detail!  We meet new housewife Lizzie Rovsek who makes her grand OC entrance by slipping and falling in her stilettos.  She laughed it off and first impression wise, seemed cute and bubbly.  Heather and Tamra meet Lizzie and they seem to hit it off.

Shannon and David go to dinner at the hotel where David seems really devoted to making sure Shannon has a good time.  He compliments her and apologizes if he ever makes her angry or feel badly.  I feel like anyone who has been in a long term relation can understand where Shannon is coming from.  Life happens and sometimes romance disappears, I think David is definitely making an effort and she should lay off a little bit with her insecurities.  They joke about her getting a boob job which Shannon assures him will never happen!

Heather is getting to know Lizzie a little bit more as she talk about how she met her husband.  During the conversation Danielle and Tamra come over and the four of them discuss their children.  Heather says she thinks it is amazing how a child is an amalgam of their parents. Unsure of the definition of amalgam, Tamra gets annoyed that Heather used such a large word which brings up the tension the two have been having.

Walking back into their hotel room Shannon is surprised with rose petals leading up to the bed.  She becomes overwhelmed and seems genuinely happy.  The two of them started to get a little intimate when she stopped and said “I need to be drunker”.  I feel like this was definitely more about being nervous in front of the cameras and being romantic with her husband on TV than it was about anything else.

Next we move over to Lizzie’s house where we see her home, kids, and dog.  She is off to do a photo shoot of her bathing suit line at her family’s beach house.  So far I like Lizzie, she’s been friendly, funny to watch, and seems to have a job that she loves.

Eddie and Tamra at dinner is a little awkward.  To start off the meal Tamra notices Eddie is not wearing his wedding ring.  When she calls him out on it he has some sort of excuse for taking it off and makes a comment about the Simon tattoo she used to have on her finger.  Low blow.  Tamra changes the conversation to babies.  Up until this point Tamra has always made it seem like Eddie is the one who wants children, but this scene seems to sing a different tune.  He says he is okay not having children and if she wants to have a child he would probably do it but he doesn’t want to raise the baby because he “doesn’t have time for that”.  Um, what.  Tamra says something about him being nervous but to me that is not nerves.  That is Eddie not wanting to have a baby.  We then see Tamra crying saying how if she had a baby with Eddie it would be hers 100% of the time and Simon couldn’t take that baby.  Sounds to me that Heather hit the nail on the head a few weeks ago when she said Tamra wants a baby to fill to void of only having her children 50% of the time.

Next week Vicki meets Lizzie and it does not seem to go well!

What are your thoughts on this week’s episode?

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