Cynthia Bailey Calls NeNe Leakes Out For Trying To Get Her Fired; And Says NeNe Is Her Worst Enemy!


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While NeNe Leakes might be all over her Twitter throwing constant shade at ex BFF, Cynthia Bailey, Cynthia is sticking to her calm force approach on the feud. Cynthia appeared on Watch What Happens Live Sunday night, and Andy Cohen gave her the opportunity to respond to some of the mean things NeNe has said about her recently, and she did not hold back. Check it OUT!

Cynthia told Andy,

“I want people to know that again, I was a very loyal friend to NeNe. However, I’m actually glad she did that show with you. Because it actually validated that she was never my friend –That she’s actually my worst enemy. For her to go on national television and say such things, is just unheard of? So what, we’re not talking anymore. So that means now all of a sudden, I can’t be on the show, because you don’t think I should be on the show?”

And what about NeNe’s Cynthia not “bringing anything” to the show? Cynthia says, “NeNe doesn’t control my destiny. God controls my destiny. And I was relevant before the show. I was relevant on the show. And I will be relevant after the show.”

During the show, Andy read off what NeNe posted about Cynthia online calling her a “flip-flopper,” and Cynthia had the following to say

“First of all we won’t even get into “storyline,” because NeNe is the one that doesn’t have a “storyline.” If anything, she should be glad that we got into it, because that was her storyline this season, so let’s be clear about it. In regards to pulling someone aside, why didn’t she pull me aside before she came on this show (WWHL) and tried to get me fired? Why can’t we talk about that?”

Lastly, the whole “Peter is a bitch” topic came up, and Cynthia brings up a valid point about “provoking,” and how millions of people thought she should have attacked NeNe. She said,

“I’m glad you asked that, because another thing. Getting into this whole provocative and provoking and you know why people respond to things. I will say when NeNe called Peter a bitch, I got a million tweets saying, ‘Oh you should’ve choked her. You should’ve slapped her. You should’ve did all this time.’ And I didn’t do that. Because that’s not what a lady does. You know a real lady doesn’t call, their best friend’s husband a bitch, but again, that was provocative. I could have been like, ‘Oh, well I slapped NeNe because she called Peter a bitch.’ And then, where does that leave me? Am I wrong for doing it? Cause, a million people thought I should have.”

I would LOVE to see more of this feisty Cynthia on season 7 of RHOA! What do you think about what Cynthia had to say? Do you agree with her? Would you like to see her back next season?

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