RHOC Recap: The Ladies Have A Fakes-Giving Dinner; And Tamra Barney And Heather Dubrow Confront Each Other!



So where were we? Ahh, that’s right, dinner at new girl Shannon’s house. Shannon has done all the cooking which surprises Tamra and the rest of the girls. Shannon mentions that her husband does construction and she wants to be involved, but he won’t let her. Shannon asks Tamra how it is working with her husband, and Vicki says she couldn’t do it. The conversation then gets weird when Shannon snaps at her husband for his jokes. Heather mentions that her and Terry will be celebrating 17 years together, and Shannon reveals that like Heather, she met her husband on a blind date.

Heather tries telling the story of how her and Terry met, but Tamra and Vicki keep interrupting her, and then she really gets cut off when Tamra gets up and asks to see the rest of the house. Shannon’s house is amazing, but of course Tamra has to compare it to Heather’s house by rubbing in the fact that Shannon has a basketball court and Heather doesn’t. Shannon seems very humble about her house and money, which is nice to see. The ladies and their husbands all go down to the basketball court to shoot some hoops, and Heather doesn’t join them.

Tamra says Heather just can’t have fun, and says she would love to hear Heather burp, or even fart. Ew. Shannon and Tamra are in the kitchen and Tamra wants to take a shot. Tamra is acting crazy, and kind of reminds me of those kids who take one sip of beer and then act like they are so lit. Heather comes into the kitchen as Shannon is giving Tamra some sort of vitamin pill, which Tamra says is the morning after pill. Heather tells her she doesn’t need it because she’s had her tubes tied, and Tamra flips her off as she’s is walking away.

While the ladies are in the kitchen, Tamra and Vicki are talking about Heather being “nasty,” and not being able to have fun, and Heather has pulled Eddie aside to talk to him about Tamra’s wanting a baby and being in tears about it. Heather is not feeling the ladies right now, and you can tell by her body language and how sad she looks. The ladies are off having fun, and Heather and Terry are ready to leave.

Eddie tells Tamra what Heather told him and she is pissed. Eddie doesn’t want Heather or any of Tamra’s friends in their business when it comes to having kids, and you can tell she’s ready to give it to Heather. Tamra meets up with Vicki and they talk about how they both don’t like how Shannon and her husband David argue in front of them. Vicki then tells Tamra that she is in counseling and things are good between her and Briana as long as she doesn’t bring up Brooks.

The subject then turns to Heather, and her being a know-it-all. They both don’t like how Heather shuts them down like they are her kids, and Tamra reveals to Vicki that Heather told Eddie about their private conversation. I can’t help but laugh that both of them know and admit to each other that this is one fight that Tamra will lose. I think Heather can fight with intelligence without having to be mean and cuss someone out, and I think that alone terrifies Tamra.

Vicki is visiting Briana at her condo. Troy is getting so big, and Vicki is such a sweet grandma. Briana and Vicki start talking about Brooks and Briana says she doesn’t want her mom in an abusive relationship. Vicki is frustrated that Briana can’t forgive Brooks, but Briana reveals that Vicki has even said it herself that Brooks speaks abusive. Briana and Vicki go back and forth, all while Briana’s baby is in the room. So sad.

Vicki tells Briana that her and Brooks got back together, and her face is looking like she needs a drink. It’s time for Fakes-Giving at Vicki’s house. Vicki is taking care of Troy, while Briana and Ryan are at the Marine Ball in Las Vegas. Tamra has the ladies come over early so they can help her. Vicki is bossing the ladies around in the kitchen, and Troy is getting into everything. LOL

The girls are talking about Heather (of course) while she’s not there. Vicki says Heather makes her feels like she’s in a different class than her. She thinks Heather judges her, and doesn’t know why. All the men get there and Shannon’s husband isn’t doing anything wrong, but she’s being kind of bitchy with him. Maybe I spoke to soon? She definitely needs to relax.

It’s time for dinner. Shannon and Vicki are talking about respect from their children, which is awkward because Vicki’s little ass of a son Michael is sitting there, justifying why he talks to his mom the way he does by saying she says stuff to him too. Vicki shows off her new diamond divorce necklace, and Tamra tells everyone how Vicki was the man in the relationship with Donn and she had to wear a strap-on. Tamra also says how she’s happy Heather isn’t there to scold her for her potty mouth.

Tamra gets in touch with Heather after Fakes-Giving, and wants to meet up. Tamra says Heather is too good of a friend just to write her off. The two of them meet for lunch, and both start telling each other how they feel. Heather apologizes for coming off condescending but pretty much says she’s not going to change. Tamra really looks terrified talking to Heather. The two of them agree to accept each other for who they are, and decide to move on.

Next week, we meet new housewife Lizzie Rosvek at an OC ugly sweater party.

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