RHOA Recap: Kenya Plays Victim; Mama Joyce Acts A Fool And Things Get Serious With Cynthia And NeNe’s Friendship!


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And so the epic Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion continues and it does not disappoint. We continue from the aftermath of the altercation between Porsha and Kenya. Andy tells the ladies that Porsha was not prepared to continue the reunion failing to mention he really just asked her to leave. Andy stresses Bravo does not condone violence except there is a list of several altercations that have occurred from the Real Housewives of Miami to New Jersey to previous seasons of Atlanta!

NeNe calls out Kenya for the props and tells Kenya that had she had those props, none of that would have happened. Kenya says the props are all for fun and yes, while it might be fun to her it’s not fun for anyone else. I can’t imagine what Kenya would do if Phaedra kept putting props in her face! Kenya then plays victim and starts talking about how tough her life is even mentioning how she was born in Detroit and how everything’s always been hard for her. I take offense to this. I’ve grown up in Detroit and it’s been unbelievable. Quit the victim act. Kenya then says that she thinks as women that all women should stick together! What a bunch of BS! Kenya clearly wants to stir up drama and doesn’t care about sticking with the women. If she did, she wouldn’t have problems with every single one of the ladies! NeNe and Phaedra are putting Kenya in her place and because Kenya sees the two get along, she tries to bring up a time last season where NeNe called her and told her she wanted to take Phaedra down. Despite Kenya trying to stir up stuff, she fails because Phaedra doesn’t care.

Mama Joyce joins the gang and within the first minute she’s insulting Kandi’s relationship with Todd. Mama Joyce is acting all kinds of crazy and I felt like she was auditioning for a role on the Real Housewives. Mama Joyce reveals that Todd’s mother has called Mama Joyce a b*tch and is laughing while talking about Todd’s parents. Mama Joyce continues to cross a line. If I was Todd’s mother, I would think a lot worse and actually make sure my son doesn’t marry into that. Mama Joyce then goes as far as taking credit for Kandi being a millionaire. I would truly be mortified is I was Kandi and my mother was acting the way Mama Joyce was. Mama Joyce makes sure to point out how much money in the bank she has but the reason she has any money at all in the bank is from Kandi and that’s the truth! While Mama Joyce takes credit for anything Kandi has done and talks about how much money she has, Kandi reveals that Mama Joyce had credit cards in her name that she didn’t know.

The conversation now gears over to NeNe Leakes and Cynthia Bailey’s “friendship.” Cynthia opens up about her friendship with NeNe and says she feels like she has always been a very loyal and great friend to NeNe. Cynthia reveals NeNe and her have not really spoken since the incident about NeNe calling Peter a b*tch. NeNe has apologized but Cynthia doesn’t count it because she thinks there is no respect there. Cynthia thinks she can never tell NeNe when NeNe is wrong and NeNe is not getting it or doesn’t know where all this is coming from. At this point Cynthia is in tears, and NeNe doesn’t want to discuss her friendship amongst everyone. Kenya then chimes in and thinks NeNe isn’t being there for Cynthia. I think Kenya should stay the hell out of it. I don’t agree with how NeNe is acting towards Cynthia but Kenya needs to stay out of it because no one cares what she has to say. If Cynthia and NeNe were real friends, they would have a discussion about all of this before the reunion. I truly feel like if they were genuinely good friends, that would happen. I honestly think Cynthia is just acting like she is so upset because everyone around her is telling her how wrong NeNe is. NeNe and Cynthia both agree that they don’t know what is going to happen with their friendship.

On next weeks episode, the husbands join the gang for the final reunion! Thoughts on all the drama that occurred on part two reunion? What part did you think was the most intense? Let’s Discuss!

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