Heather Dubrow Questions Vicki Gunvalson’s Friend Requirements; And Feels Everything She Says Gets Picked Apart!


Heather Dubrow, better known as Fancy Pants, loves her champagne and parties! This past episode new Housewife, Shannon Beador, threw a dinner party for the OC ladies and Heather shares her two cents on not only the party, but Shannon’s marriage. Check it out her blog below

“Meanwhile … Back in Hawaii….Vicki and Brooks are still together, and after talking to Vicki in Hawaii, I’m completely supportive of that decision. I just want Vicki to be happy and she is a strong, smart woman who is capable of making her own decisions.

To the bar: Why are Vicki and Tamra so interested in getting me wasted and on a bar?
It’s not me. I don’t enjoy shots. I know I’m “Fancy Pants” and I embrace that, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to have fun. The question is, do I have to behave the same way as Tamra and Vicki do in order to be their friends? If we were all exactly the same wouldn’t it be so boring??

Vicki’s said she has three qualities she looks for in a friend. She couldn’t remember the third one (typical Vicki) but the other two were “laugh with you,” and “learn from you.” Well, we have laughed a lot together but it doesn’t seem as if she wants to learn anything from me! If I talk about anything Vicki doesn’t know about she gets annoyed with me.

Spooky party: This was a very fun party! Tamra did a great job and yes, she scared the crap out of me! I love a theme party and thankfully a perfect opportunity to draw on a third eye to hide my blemish!

I was really glad that Shannon made some connections that night. She shared a lot of information about her marriage with the group. I can’t tell if she is just someone that is an open book, or if she doesn’t have a good support system of friends with whom to talk.

Dinner with Shannon and Tamra: When I said to Shannon “people like you,” it was not meant to be negative. It’s actually not a bad sentiment — it’s what follows that matters… If I said to Tamra, “People like you who live a fit and healthy lifestyle, etc., etc.,” would Tamra have taken offense to that? Why is it that anything and everything I say has to be picked apart and commented on?

Tamra and Eddie having a baby: I took what Tamra said at dinner to mean she wanted a baby to fill the void because her kids are gone 50 percent of the time. Had she said I love Eddie and we want to have a baby together I would have said, “Great, exciting!” My having an opinion about what’s going in with Tamra is normal. We have talked about the idea of having another baby for over a year. I care about her and I just don’t want her to do anything rash. This is being a friend. She wouldn’t want me to yes her. If the roles were reversed I would want and expect her to tell me how she felt.

Shannon saying that I have too many opinions shouldn’t be a red flag. Getting free dentistry because you saved a nation however? Raise it up, girl.

Getting ready for Shannon’s dinner party: I was a little stressed because we were leaving for NY the next day with the kids for Thanksgiving. The reason I had a rolling rack set up in my bedroom was because I was packing and I’ve found that’s the easiest way to do it. I love my Cocobean but she can certainly be a handful! She’s the cutest little thing though and is constantly making me laugh. Her pink Superman pajamas are just so Coco!

On to dinner… I LOVE a dinner party. Shannon has a lovely home and I was really looking forward to it. I was touched by her attention to detail remembering I drink champagne and that I don’t eat dairy. These are signs of a very good hostess!

Shannon and David’s behavior at the party was just awkward. They seem to feel very comfortable arguing in front of us even though we barely know them. I have to say at this point I’m worried for them. Vicki is right, if this is what they show the world, what goes on behind closed doors?

Well, the drama continues next week. Stay tuned…”


Thoughts on what Heather had to say? Do you think she’s truly supporting Tamra or just picking on her? Do you think Shannon and David will last?!

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