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Gretchen Rossi Says, ‘Tamra Judge Is Too Busy Destroying Lives With No Time To Take Care Of Her Children!’

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Tamra Judge has been neglecting her children on blast by her ex-husband Simon Barney lately. Simon has stated, and pretty much proven, Tamra has neglected their 3 children together. Tamra has, once again, opened her big mouth and responds to the allegations and Gretchen Rossi responds! In an interview with In Touch Tamra says,

“He knew the papers would be made public, It’s sickening that he would do it this way, just to hurt me.” “Every one of his statements is a self-serving, manipulative, flat-out lie.”

The statements in which Tamra is talking about, is when Simon claimed he found a bug in their daughters hair (Eww!), and that Tamra hadn’t bathed their son in days! (double Eww!!) Even Tamra’s own daughter, Sidney who’s 15, stuck up for her father Simon on twitter and she decided to live with him and not her own mother!

Gretchen Rossi, former co-star & bestie with Tamra on Bravo’s Real Housewives of Orange County, says she agrees with Simon and Sidney. Gretchen tells In Touch,

“I believe in karma. Tamra is so busy destroying people’s lives, she doesn’t have time to take care of her children, in my opinion.”

Evidently Tamra is too busy with her new hubby Eddie, and attempting to look good on camera to take care of her kiddos! I agree with Gretchen, Karma’s a bitch! Do you believe Simon is telling lies to hurt Tamra? Or do you think Tamra is trying to cover her ass as usual?!

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