RHOA Recap: Porsha Williams Attacks Kenya Moore On Part 1 Of The Reunion; And Andy Cohen Sends Porsha Home!



It’s finally HERE! After a year long season, the part 1 of the RHOA Reunion has arrived. Now, let’s get to it! Andy does his usual introduction of all the ladies (Kenya’s props, and Porsha’s new boobs). Porsha goes a step further and even tells Andy to smell them. Ewww. Andy gets right to it, and asks Phaedra about Apollo’s indictments and she makes it clear they are “complaints” and that she is not involved, OR being accused of it.

The first clip Andy shows the ladies, is of them twerking and having fun. Why couldn’t Andy have saved this funny clip at the end to lighten up the mood from all the fighting. Andy is playing around with Cynthia about her twerking, and he asks NeNe what she thinks and she Mmmhmmm replies to it by saying, “We just saw the video.” Andy then asks Kenya about her fake butt. Kenya says people think that because it looks beautiful. Andy asks the rest of the ladies if they’ve felt Kenya’s butt to see if it’s real, and it gets really quiet.

Phaedra is then asked for her input on it, and she throws major shade calling it a diaper booty, to which Kenya tells her she’s never gotten any complaints in the bedroom. Phaedra kind of under her breath says, “That’s good, maybe Mr. Invisible will show up.” OUCH. I like Phaedra, but don’t put all the anger you have about your husband being a dog, on Kenya.

First up to the plate, is Kandi. We see how far her and Todd have come, and Andy asks about her musical. Kandi reveals Tyler Perry really liked it, and even called her a couple of times about it. Andy ask NeNe about her being rude about working in Kandi’s musical, and NeNe instantly tries to blame Kenya and then say she only said she wouldn’t do it because she doesn’t have the time. Really NeNe? Andy then traps her with her own words by reminding her she said she would never leave her Hollywood actress job, to be in a Kandi Burruss musical.

It’s so funny, because after NeNe gets confronted, she tries to brush it under the table. Kandi being mature, doesn’t even care and laughs it off. Andy moves the questions over to Cynthia saying the word “opportunist” was said in her meeting with Natalie, and she admits that even though it wasn’t said, it is was she thought was implied. Cynthia also tells Andy that she doesn’t know Todd well enough to make any character judgments about him.

Andy asks Phaedra if she thinks Todd is an opportunist, and of course she says no, and also states she always knew he would be Kandi’s husband. Awww. Bring on the tardiness! Andy shows a a full clip of NeNe being mad at everyone for always being late. NeNe says she doesn’t hold a double standard for herself when it comes to being on time (she’s delusional) and she goes on about how rude it is to show up late. Andy asks NeNe who she thinks the biggest late offender is, and she says it’s Kandi.

Kandi thinks it’s funny, but doesn’t think it’s a big deal, since all of the ladies are late. Andy then brings up the time when Kandi stopped for a sandwich when the ladies were running late, and she defends herself saying she needed the sandwich. LOL Kenya gets confronted by a viewer question about talking about Kandi’s weight and she denies talking about it, and says Kandi is built like a brick house, unlike other castmates that have no shape. NeNe is also confronted for being harsh when it comes to Kandi’s weight and when Kandi puts her on blast for talking mess when her body shape isn’t that great, NeNe right away says, “Well, you say your stuff too.” What happened to the NeNe who could own it? Am I the only one annoyed that she is acting 11 and saying “you do it too.”

This reunion is showing how much NeNe can dish it, but can’t take it. Andy changes the subject to Phaedra calling Kenya a “whore.” Phaedra says Kenya says a lot of things and that’s how she felt. Kenya pretty much thinks that Phaedra is fraud Christian for doing that. Phaedra’s expressions are REALLLY getting annoying. Sorry, but they are just as bad as Kenya’s props.

It’s now Kenya’s turn in the hot seat and first topic, is beloved Velvet. Kenya starts crying, and says she didn’t invite certain ladies to Velvet’s funeral, because the ladies were saying horrible things about her. One thing said in particular, were Phaedra’s comments about Kenya having a baby. Phaedra reveals that she reached out to Kenya when Velvet died, and it was so nice, until Phaedra said Velvet was probably one of Kenya’s only good friends. LOL Oh the shade.

Kenya calls Phaedra dirty for talking about her dog like that and tells her to STFU, so Phaedra fires back, “You are not by mama, you are nobody’s mama.” That’s awful. Who makes fun of someone trying to have kids? Andy changes the subject to Kenya’s “African Prince,” who Phaedra refers to as, “Casper the Friendly Boyfriend.” Geez, Phaedra just goes all season being quiet to Kenya’s face, and waits until the reunion to put in work to keep her job. LOL

NeNe jumps in and let’s it be known that she didn’t reach out to Kenya when Velvet died, but she did tell Cynthia that they should get her another dog, but should probably wait, since she had just lost Velvet. Now, back to the African Prince. Andy tells Kenya that viewers don’t think he exists, and if he’s like her acting career, nonexistent O.U.C.H.

Kenya says she’s always been private when it comes to her love life, and she’s never been photographed with anyone she’s ever dated, because she doesn’t like doing that. Porsha says that Kenya has revealed everything about the AP, except his actual self, and even goes further by saying that clearly the AP isn’t real, and Kenya tried paying a guy $15,000 to be her boyfriend for the show.

Kenya denies it and puts her fairy wand in Porsha’s face. Porsha yanks the wand out of her hand, and throws it on the ground. No worries, because Kenya has some more tricks in her bag. She brings out her huge mega phone that needs batteries in it. LOL I can’t even deal with Kenya talking on that thing. Andy is loving it, and Kandi is cracking up calling her a clown.

Porsha says she knows the person Kenya approached to be her fake boyfriend on the show, but Kenya continues to laugh and deny it. The best moment of the night is when Kenya challenges Porsha to spell “Scepter,” Andy is cracking up, along with the rest of the ladies. (ICYMI,Porsha never spelled it). NeNe sets the record straight saying she never met the AP, but the only problem is, Kenya has text messages, proving she did.

EXCEPT the story NeNe tells about how they met, was very convincing. NeNe says that they ran into him, but she couldn’t understand what he was saying, so she never actually met him, and she drove off, and that was it. Nothing like how Kenya was trying to portray. Andy brings up how Kenya was accused of faking her relationship with Walter also, and Phaedra chimes in how she was supportive, before she found out Kenya was faking it. Kenya also reveals how she doesn’t laugh at other people’s misfortunes, and she thinks Karma has bit both Porsha and Phaedra good.

Andy then turns the question over to Porsha, of whether or not she thinks Karma bit her in the butt. Porsha doesn’t think she deserved that karma, and thinks Kenya has been the villain since day one and acts like the victim. Kenya and Porsha go back and forth about Kenya playing the victim, and Kenya says that Porsha cheated on Kordell and then it escalates to a hair pull.

Now, here’s where the drama comes in. Kenya may be hated by everyone, but guess what, SHE IS SMART. She EASILY tilted her hair toward Porsha, told her to get fired, and Porsha took the bait. All the ladies, except Cynthia are consoling Porsha, who is on the floor, kicking and screaming because she knows she messed up. Kenya gets up like nothing, and pretty much says, BOOM!, You’re fired. “Either she goes, or I go.”

Andy goes into Kenya’s dressing room and tells her that he’s sorry about what happened. He visits Porsha’s room, and Porsha starts talking about her divorce being a factor in her behavior, which is ridiculous. Porsha has talked the most trash about Kordell. Porsha tells Andy that she blacked out, and you could tell she thinks he’s going to understand, but he ends up telling her to go home.

Next week, Mama Joyce joins the ladies, and we find out she’s had credit cards in Kandi’s name without Kandi knowing about it!

What did you think of tonight’s reunion? Let’s discuss!

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