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Alexis Bellino Claims She Has Not Spoken Negative About Any Of Her Past Cast Mates! Plus,Tamra Judge Say’s She’ll Pray For Her!

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The Real Housewives of Orange County women are lively in the twitterverse as of late with rumors, bashing, and sympathy tweets! A RHOC fan tweeted Alexis Bellino and Tamra Judge stating Alexis had been bad mouthing Tamra recently. Both Alexis and Tamra respond, check it out!


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PLUS! During this twitter conversation, one follower tweeted that Tamra has started all the drama and is trying to get publicity for her business. Guess who responded to THAT tweet…Gretchen.

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Of course Gretchen puts in her 2cents. She better keep some of it, without that Housewives paycheck I’d imagine she’s pinching pennies. Thoughts on the OC Ladies jumping at every opportunity to bash one another? Do you believe Alexis hasn’t spoken ill about her former RHOC cast mates?!

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