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Lydia McLaughlin Says The RHOC Was Too Much For Her Sanity; And It Was The Right Decision To Leave!


Lydia McLaughlin is one of our favorite former Housewives from Orange County. Her quirky, loving, bubbly personality has been truly missed on RHOC, and we’re only one episode in. She was a breath of fresh air within the drama that is RHOC. Fans have been reaching out to her to congratulate her on both her new baby news and to say they miss her on the show. Lydia tweets out thank you’s and that she made the right choice with quitting the Real Housewives. See what she had to say…

lydia tweet 2 preg

lydia tweet 1

I miss both her humor and her spunky mother! Oh, and the fairy dust! Do you miss Lydia being the show?! Or are you glad she left?

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