RHOA Finale Recap: Kenya Moore Buries Her Dog; And Kandi’s Musical Has Five Sold Out Shows!


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And it’s HERE! The RHOA Finale! Let’s get started! Tonight’s episode starts off with Kandi practicing a song for her musical. I love how Todd knew all the words too. Kandi tells Todd she is nervous, and he reveals ticket sales have been slow. Kandi says that after the musical is over they can start working on there weddings, and then she transitions into what she really wants to talk about — THE PRENUP. DUN DUN DUN! Todd doesn’t look like he’s happy a prenup is being discussed. He literally looks like he thought Kandi was just going to forget about it, and just marry him.

It’s time for Velvet’s funeral. If you aren’t familiar with Velvet, Velvet is Kenya’s dog that was viciously attacked by another dog. Cynthia is in attendance (with her dog), along with Kenya’s friend and aunt. Kenya is a mess. It’s very sad to watch. Over at Phaedra’s we get to see all kinds of cuteness from Ayden, who brings his mommy in a congratulations cake. I have to hand it to Phaedra, she has done everything she said she was gonna do. She’s definitely a hard worker.

We are now at Porsha’s house, and her sister and mom are over to visit. Porsha’s family is cute, but I still can’t shake the image of Kordell saying Porsha’s mom would be sitting in their room eating a large pizza. LOL Porsha tells them how everything went when she signed the divorced papers, and she starts crying. Porsha’s mom asks her if she’s going to take off her ring yet, since everything is official, and apparently she is, ’cause she takes it off with no hesitation.

Cynthia and her sister Mal are getting things ready for Cynthia to surprised Peter. Cynthia is trying to be sexy and it’s a little awkward. I think Cynthia being a model should stick to being fluent in body language, ’cause her sexy talk is so funny. Peter finally gets home and he’s smiling before he even comes around the corner…did they plan this? Well, Peter is laughing the whole time and Cynthia is being a good sport and not letting it break her.

NeNe isn’t feeling good, and Nurse Gregg is trying to give her Alka-Seltzer for the pain. It’s time for Kandi’s show, and they have a packed house for opening night. All the ladies are getting ready, and Kandi reveals that NeNe won’t be there due to being ill. Everyone is rehearsing and I’m pretty sure editing is making it look like Porsha is just dancing around instead of practicing, considering when they were yelling her name, she was by Kandi’s choreographer for the musical and I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t just let her be messing around and not practice.

It’s Showtime! Everyone is arriving and Kandi can breathe now that she knows her mom is in the building. Kenya also ends up showing up despite everything she has going on too. It’s finally time for the show to start and Kandi and Porsha look great. The camera keeps going back to the ladies’ faces, and every time Porsha acts, they are all laughing because she’s pretty much playing herself.

The character of Mama Joyce is hilarious, only because Kandi has Mama Joyce’s character and Todd’s character say every single thing that we’ve probably heard this season. Mama Joyce is seriously in the audience the whole time with a “bitch please” face on. The audience is going crazy cheering, and Mama Joyce couldn’t care less. LOL The play is finally over, and Mama Joyce says she loved it, but tells Kandi that they are going to agree to disagree. OUCH.

All the ladies are just mingling with the cast and their families after the show is done, and Cynthia finally tells Kenya that they are friends. Something tells me NeNe is going to pissed about that. Kenya congratulates both Kandi and Porsha, and she starts twirling away. LOL Cynthia reveals that NeNe has been admitted into the hospital, but thankfully we all know that now is doing much better and is healthy.

“A Mother’s Love” sold out five Atlanta shows, and the finale ended with Todd and Kandi hugging.

Next week the first part of the shaaaaady reunion begins!

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